Halilyc's Faces


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D Tom;3970266 said:

Really great faces! One request though: Since you release your faces on your website can you link us the forum spot where you released them? It's often hard to navigate and I've been there quite a bit.

I have to agree with this post. Excellent quality on those faces btw!


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wheres the download link??

Halilyc;3888651 said:
Thanks mate :)

Diego Ribas Hair and 3D Beard / Style update on EA model



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Please link to the face of Diego Ribas. I can not dowload on the pack that it is. Thank you. Do you accept orders?


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Thanks guys :) I dont take request bro, sorry

I`m still waiting any information about alpha layers for hairs. If someone help me, it can be so good :ewan:

Kolbeinn Sigþórsson & Caner Erkin

Can I ask someone to reupload this Sigthorsson?