Guatemalan keeper dies during match


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RIP :(

Any news about the guy who collided with him ? Let`s hope everyone doesn`t put any blame on him. It was accidental. This is so sad . . .


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Originally posted by HellsideUltras
what happened during the collision?? did he kick him in the chest or head or what?
I saw the highlights of the match and as he was going out for the ball which was 50/50, the other player's knee went right into his chest. The player was running at full speed so you can imagine the impact. The other player was alright but unfortunately, Ortiz didn't come out too well after the collision. :(


aww man. Another tragedy :(

My thoughts are with him.

Fifa can't do anything to prevent events like these. Football is a contact sport and the human body is delicate.

Sad day indeed.


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Another death on the field :o Sure things can't always be stopped but better heart tests should definately be done to lower the chance of these things happening....


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R.I.P. danny :(

maybe fifa should've accepted extending half-times up to 20 mins.
(not abt this accident, just for the fatigue players may have)


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very very sad :-(

guys, who else has lost their life? I know about Miklos Feher and there was some swedish division 2 player but who else? didnt realise it was that bad at the moment! :-|