Greek Crests and Overlays


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My first mods. Today i started using the Editor Tool and I created some Greek TV Overlays (Cosmote, NovaSports, ERT TV and PAOK TV) along with some custom crests from Greek 2nd league teams(Iraklis FC, Panserraikos FC, Panionios FC and Apollon Pontou FC) in case you want to start a custom team career mode. Feel free to comment your opinions, tips etc. PAOK TV and ERT TV Overlays exist for only Mod Manager version 1.1.3 while the other mods work for both Mod Manager 1.1.0 and 1.1.3. If you want me to make a 1.1.0 version of them or have any other Crest, Overlay or any idea in general give me a comment! (For 1.1.0 mods) (For 1.1.3 mods)

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