Great movie to rent? (hakeem?Bobby?)

I was looking for something to watch over the weekend, so far I have not been able to rent anything good, except for The Prestige, which ws great. I like almost any type of movie, but I love good,deep stories, I like movies that challenge the viewer to think whether philosophically or through constant plot twists.


Starting XI
How many movies have you seen? Most of the movies I'm about to list probably require multiple viewings. I would say The Usual Suspects but most people have seen it. The Departed? Fargo is one of my favorites. If you like a really intricate plot then LA Confidential is superb and a classic. Memento is also a thinker's movie. Others include Lock Stock, Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, Donnie Darko?...I could go on for days.


The Von Trapps
like Slayer mentioned, there are far too many to mention here that fit the bill of what you're asking ...

"Lock, Stock" is pretty cool, and I suppose "Snatch" is in that same category ... there's others like 21 Grams that employ interesting plot development techniques ...

if you haven't watched the Godfather I & II (& III, I suppose), then I suggest you do so, post haste ...

p.s: and if you haven't watched the "Ocean's" trilogy, watch those too ... all three are great fun!


rent Slither if you havent seen it. great little movie in the style of Critters and Gremlins (Y)

or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Brick, Thank You for Smoking, Running Scared? all great (Y)(Y)(Y)


are you interested in only English movies?

If not,I could recommend you some other Non-English movies.....