Graphics Problem Solving Thread


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zico99;3538817 said:
If you edit your db, most probably you wont be able to continue your career mode

I think not... I edited several times and never had problems with the career mode.

This problem happens in all languages​​. :mambo:

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thesaan;3538786 said:
Hey guys, i have a 'little' problem: the names of all teams, ONLY in CAREER mode, are hidden! See:

What is this/happening? How can i solve this?

i think that the problem is with lang loc Eng_us ,etc and i had this problem before cuz i edit db without choosing Language Loc
and the solution is that you have to rename the teams again with cm 13 or download anyone loc files if you don't install any patch in the game


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Hi guys, I've a problem: when I make a player with CM13, he hasn't the name, but in career mode it's visible. How i can solve it?

Thanks in advance


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UltrasLazio1900;3545928 said:
Hi guys, I've a problem: when I make a player with CM13, he hasn't the name, but in career mode it's visible. How i can solve it?

Thanks in advance

could you be more specific, cant understand what is your problem.


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UltrasLazio1900;3547140 said:
Hi zico, I made a lot of player in CM 13. But ingame there is this problem, for example for Fernandinho

ok, plz wait for a while i'm looking into the matter. Hope you have filled the details correctly in cm


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UltrasLazio1900;3547888 said:
Yes, italian :)

maybe its a language file problem.
But usally names dont appear due to fonts which dont have that character.
Try using database master.


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Hey guys,

For some reason, my boots keep getting messed up..

I have replaced some old boots with new ones (512X512) using Jenkey's File loader. At first, it was all good. But after a while, this happened:

Does anyone know WHY, and how to fix it? I've tried regenerating BH with CM13.. not working.

Interesting fact: the boots Totti has in the pic, should be the #138 default boots - which I have not replaced, so they should've been fine. As you can see, they don't show up, but they do show up for other players (Lavezzi for example - he has these boots by default) .. which makes me believe this might be a player-related issue, not boot-related.

Also, one more question: if I end up needing to reinstall Fifa.. what file contains the "edits" I made to the players' stats? (the fifa_ng_db file?)
I would hate to have to do the edits all over again.


Edit: I already tried the usual method of adding/replacing boots -> importing rx3's with CM13. The problem still appears...
So, I heard there was a way to assign boots via a file .lua file... which file is that? Boot.lua or player.lua?
Or maybe with DB12?


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I've just started making balls using dds file and GIMP. It is possible to take a 3d texture map used in these r3x files and arrange it into a flat 2d texture map for GIMP, the way that program maps the image seems a lot different to the maps file you see on here?

sorry if this is a fairly basic question just started learning like 2 days ago.