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Germany 2006 Patch


Club Supporter
As for the database, we can divide the work into groups. For example, I will do group A and F.

We do only 23 players who were appointed or all players who played in qualifiers ?


Club Supporter
Scoreboard done :D :

by mipoc (fifapolonia.pl) :]



Starting XI
but green color needs to be darker
here are some useful pics for you


actually I do want to take part in the develoment of this patch, cause I had a idea of making it a long time ago
but I will be able to join you guys later (after 22.06), cause now I have exams in the university
anyway I will be in the team and do what I can concerning this patch :)


Youth Team
thats true, thats the original ZDF sb ^^ ... i remember that, good memories at that :) . Yet the international version of the sb should probably be the default sb for this mod, and the zdf one as an option in a special folder ... if no one is doing it i could maybe try to make it myself. i could also try to do the menus again


Youth Team
The music we will include in this patch are

"Zeit Dass Sich Was Dreht (Celebrate The Day) (Official Anthem) By Herbert Grönemeyer
The Time Of Our Lives by Il Divo

any more suggestions?