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Germany 2006 Patch


Youth Team

I'm thinking about creating a patch For The 2006 World Cup In Germany

I will need help with this as im a begginer with modding

So i will need help with these things, i'm happy to make some of the teams rosters but it would be nice to have a hand

Rosters - (Toxicsausage) (Stokstaartje95) (aQuaa) (jovanu1992)
Kits - esteghlal f.c is doing every kit
Faces - Uzair
Fonts -(jovanu1992)
Ball - Darxxx ( Done )
Adboards - (aQuaa) ( Done )

If theres anything else need doing please notify me!:33vff3o:

BIG respect to all of you who are helping, if you are interested in some work, could someone please provide some ratings for players from the Group E Teams


Starting XI
it could be a great patch
that WC was pretty great btw

rosters aren't a problem
but a lot of kits are needed
so without enthusiastic kitmakers this patch could hardly be made


Youth Team
ok maybe we should crack on with some rosters, i have asked darxxx to do the ball, so first maybe we should do italy, the world cup 2006 winners?


Starting XI
actually rosters are the most easy thing.
the patch needs kitmakers - that's the main stuff