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So, here's the first stadium!!

I'll give you a very detailed look so you can get familiar with my way of making stadiums.

It's the Fuchs-Park-Stadion of Eintracht Bamberg!

FC Eintracht Bamberg was already part of the EEP and in my patch is playing in Oberliga Süd.
In real life, they're currently playing in Oberliga Bayern Nord. I don't think they ever played higher than Regionalliga Süd/Bayern...

When I first came across this stadium I instanly fell in love with it!

Why? Because...

A) I love smaller and old style stadiums (with tartan tracks)...

Bamberg 217779196_4820144671333734_8196961473785255848_n.jpg


Bamberg Blender 1.jpg

...with a nice main stand (they modernized it) :) ...

Bamberg 275441200_5595853797096147_4793331869890661622_n B.jpg


Bamberg Blender Tribüne.jpg

Bamberg 239306950_4910844875597046_8326513198138800759_n.jpg


Bamberg Blender Tribüne 2.jpg
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I made photo textures for the lodge & booth at the top, the doorway at the bottom and the walls.

Bamberg 299137.jpg

Bamberg 20 1557688079 B.jpg

Bamberg 314202.jpg


Bamberg Blender 21.jpg

I also included the webcam that's hanging under the roof because it kinda sticks out prominently. :)
It's not a 3D object though - just photo texture used as a plane image. (One can do really cool stuff that way! Either cut out the object from the rest with transparent background in your photo editing software or
import the whole image into blender as a plane and then use the knife-tool to cut out the object! :) Most ofen that does give a good 3D illusion, if the image/object is small or outside of the stadium)

Bamberg Blender 21 Webcam.jpg


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B) I love when nature is part of a stadium...
(which is the case with many German stadiums - at least when it comes to lower league teams! You know, trees and bushes all around the stadiums or even inside...
as a matter of fact, there a several stadiums in Germany that are just called "Waldstadion" :) (forrest stadium).

For instance, with this stadium, the north and south sides of the stands have been given up and left to nature. I guess not enough attendance (due to the low league affiliation) lots of grass and stuff
growing over the stairs and stones. Love it!

Bamberg 92609.jpg

Bamberg 321692.jpg
Bamberg 314335.jpg

(Playing against their local rival DJK Don Bosco Bamberg....I may include that team later in the patch :dragan:)

Bamberg 299135.jpg

Bamberg 135905.jpg

Bamberg 133711.jpg

Bamberg 80629.jpg

Bamberg 417842_479792042094250_1246071114_n.jpg

Using photo texture I think I translated this decently into the stadium.....though it was quite difficult at first, especially when I came to the conclusion that I'll have to do a bit of variying via UV-mapping. Nothing excessive, but good enough IMO.

South side:

Bamberg Blender Gras 1.jpg

North Side:

Bamberg Blender Gras 2.jpg
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C) I love the static local ads!

To me this is one of the big reasons why it's so much fun to play in such stadiums....because with those ads you can really tell that you're playing in a specifc region/city. With the lower league teams you truly get local sponsors that you don't have anywhere else...(Well, for the most part. Teams from the same region may have a few shared sponsors) And when using photo texture and putting the adboards directly inside the stadium (which I prefer to do) you really get the charm of those ads - because you get their true individual sizes and every crack and dirt speck, damage and rain erosion! :D (Provided of course the resolution of the photos you're using is high enough....Luckily there are plenty of HQ photos available of (lower league) German stadiums and matches, especially on social media. So I usually collect all the good pictures I can find (sometimes I also resort to videos) and make the textures out of them. :) This does take a lot of time of course but can be very rewarding. :))

See for yourself:

East side:

Bamberg 19620566_1768668436481388_2973601447767352194_o.jpg

East Side Middle:

Bamberg 580209_469431059797015_1268058393_n.jpg


Bamberg Blender 8.jpg

Middle to Right
Bamberg Image208.jpg

Bamberg 11731745_1110436038971301_6035115741911919074_o.jpg

Bamberg 1921160_821723514509223_455308621_o.jpg

As you can see from the three pictures above the ads vary from time to then I choose the one(s) that are more interesting to me, even if that means I have to rearrange things a little bit. -->

Bamberg Blender 9.jpg

Middle to left:

Bamberg 487227_490881747593403_99038675_n.jpg

Bamberg Image18.png

Bamberg Blender 7.jpg


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Hi skoczek, see what I wrote in my previous post:

Now, mind you, it would be awesome to maybe also have a patch version for Fifa 16 (with 15/16 squads all across the board) or maybe even a Fifa 21 or 22 version. But that's a dream of the future....not sure if it's even convertible like that. For Fifa 16 things should be pretty easy to convert I think - but the newer Fifas??
Can somebody tell me if its doable to convert stadiums from 14 to Fifa 21 or 22? And what about league and team limits? From what I understand things are a lot more limited when it comes to editing in the newer Fifas, right?
Regarding newer versions of FIFA (17-22) AFAIK you can't add other stadiums than the existing ones in the game!!!


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Regarding newer versions of FIFA (17-22) AFAIK you can't add other stadiums than the existing ones in the game!!!
in fact here's are actual fifa 22 things:

no stadiums can be added (except activating a few hidden from FUT)
new teams can be only added (activated) using FUT teams ids and graphics (you can around 80-100 teams without replacing existing one) BUT 90% of them won't have specific banners or flags (only kits and logos).
no new face can be added BUT you can replace any existing specific face with a new one, letting the replacing player in db now with "generic face" settings, and the new added linked to replaced head id. (but you can at least replace all volta faces, stargeneric ones etc, that mean again around 200 new faces let's say).

what you can do:

- replace any existing team, league, change league and tournament structure etc as you want.

bear in mind that a well done generic face in fifa 22 in lights years better than any generic face in pre frosbite fifa's ;)


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Hello my friend, are you making this patch with twelve leagues? Can we play Carrer Mode? Do you know how to edit the tournaments in CM? I'm trying to make one patch here, but I don't know how to make CM works :(


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Btw, some of the local ads in those German stadiums can be very stylish (like certain beeer logos) and also quite funny and creative.

I don't know if you caught it, but for instance, you just gotta love stuff like this?? -->

Bamberg Blender 16 Kanaltürpe B.jpg

The Kanaltuerpe :dragan:

I also like the dirt on the others!

Or this one:

Bamberg Blender 10 Sau.png

Here the sponsor literally proclaims "Make them to pigs, boys!"
Which doesn't make much sense, does it?
Well, in German this is a common saying which pretty much means that you are supposed to thrash
your opponent. :innocent_smile_1:
(And in context of the advertiser being a butcher's shop I guess you catch the drift. ;-) )


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And of course there is the main sponsor of this stadium and team - the Fuchs Bakery. (In case you haven't figured it out yet - "Fuchs" means Fox. ;-)) Which gives it its name and also those charming ads - and the sign of the stadium name on the north side...

Bamberg 11194529_1060529947295244_4433861373916242506_o.jpg

Bamberg Blender 17 Fuchs Schild b.jpg

(Apologies for not including the horses ;-)) well as on the top of the roof. :)

Bamberg Blender 14 Tribüne b.jpg

Btw, that lettering is actually at the backside in real life.... -->

Bamberg 2020-10-25 jpg.jpg

But since you cannot see it then when you're playing in-game I figured it would be better to put it in front. Make more sense and looks better, doesn't it? Call it artistic freedom. :pinky:


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I also had to include this stand-out adboard behind the goals. Because when an ad says Bamberger you just KNOW you're playing in Bamberg. :crazyface: :33vff3o:

Bamberg 155904.jpg

Bamberg Blender 15 Bamberger Norden B.jpg

Bamberg 249004.jpg

Bamberg Blender 15 Bamberger.png


Wow. Waiting for such an Patch since the times of Slims Fifa 16 EEP. But now with more Leagues below.
Can you provide an ETA? It´s not meant as pressure just out of curiousity. So if you don´t mind.


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screenshot Bamberg 46.jpg

screenshot Bamberg 52.jpg

(yes, there are some trees floating :D and a few parts of the stand not showing. I fixed all that by now! :))

screenshot Bamberg 48.jpg

screenshot Bamberg 53.jpg

screenshot Bamberg 51.jpg

The Bamberg flags that you're seeing I made myself and are based on real life. In specific:

Flags FC Eintracht Bamberg 1.jpg

Flags FC Eintracht Bamberg 2.jpg

Unfortunately there are no banners for this team yet. That's why you don't see any in the screenshots even though I did add banner templates for home and away (as you could see on the Blender screenshots).