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GamePad Fix for FIFA 12 Demo – Download Now!

Hrvoje Bajlo

Fan Favourite

There you go. No more problems with GamePads!

Have you ever wondered why EA Sports disabled most of GamePads to be used in FIFA 12 PC Demo? If so, you’re not the same. As the demo got released today, we’ve seen many unhappy user stating on forums that they can’t play FIFA 12 Demo because the game crashes/is not recognizing their GamePad!

So there you go. We have solution, and that is GamePad Fix for FIFA 12 PC Demo!

This small but very useful program can be downloaded from here:

ps thanks to tanagoo for a hint in his first post about gamepads!


Youth Team
thanks for trying, but still wont work with my PS2 controller, which worked fine for fifa 11..

could it be because i edited the registry earlier like someone recommended to do for an earlier fix?


Senior Squad
There's an another way, copy the "buttonDataSetup.ini" from "My documents/FIFA 11" (FIFA 11 save folder) to the FIFA 12 save folder, it works for me (Y)


Club Supporter
veggt;3108701 said:
There's an another way, copy the "buttonDataSetup.ini" from "My documents/FIFA 11" (FIFA 11 save folder) to the FIFA 12 save folder, it works for me (Y)

thanks mate that works, the progrma in the first post does not work (using Win 7 64bit)


Club Supporter

I downloaded the game yesterday ,removed fifa 11 , did the gamepad fix thing , and the game worked , today i when i tried to open fifa12.exe nothing happened , the game failed to start , tried to reinstall but the problem still exists , plz guys help


Reserve Team
Please somebody help me
I have joypad like for sony...same buttons...everything but when i try to import joypad game crash...i'll try to copy from FIFA 11 Button data setup but when i start the game 50 % from my buttons doesn't work... movement doesn't work,shot button doesn't work...please somebody help me

here is my joypad look's



Club Supporter
Why nobody mentioned that there is no way to play 2 vs 2 offline because 4 gamepads cant be plugged in at the same time for fifa?!? I tried with supported Logitech gamepads and i always get cash upon startup of the game.Anybody has a solution?Was this also in fifa11?