Gameface faces (Not what you think)


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Hello everyone.

This isn't a question about EA's gameface. Well it sort of is, this year it seems the gameface program is a lot better then last years (at least for me it was). I hadn't seen anyone else post about this so I figured I would bring it up. (It is has, I apologize, please ignore and delete/close this thread)

Anyway I found the generated files for the gameface on my system. Its located at :-

I am on XP so sorry if it isn't the same for you.

Start -> Run '%appdata%' -> Electronic Arts -> Game Face -> -> (set of numbers)

In this folder seems to be all you would need to build a face, (I could obviously be wrong as I know nothing about this kinda thing) But thought it might be useful for building good faces quickly with a little modification by face makers.

So hope this helps some people, if not I am sorry.



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well. this is actually wt Im searching for the whole day!!
Glad you find where those files are, but does anyone know will it be able to import into our game? like the why how we use the texmod or FIFA 12 Texture Editor?

also...assume I had create a custom player, wondering where is his face gonna locate at the fifa database.Cause we might able use our own gameface and put it on a custom player, so we will able to edit his ability and so on...

anyone please?


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Fair enough. Using the photo from this address -árez.jpg

I created a Luis Suarez (something FIFA 12 needs I might add)

This is the file created from the gameface

From what I have seen from other face makers threads the main difference is the missing mouth and ear textures at the bottom.

I know it is not perfect, but its a good way to update teams without faces. Or a good base to start a new face. I don't know, I am not an editor so I do not know of these things. Thought it might be useful to other people.


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Here is a zip with all the files that were created and put into the folder during creation. The only thing I removed was the log file just in case it had any identifiable information on there and I really would rather not have that around on the internet.

I personally assure you the download is safe and free of anything, but please be safe and scan it on your end.

Hope this helps someone :)


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I made an Obama yesterday, faces' qualities are fair enough. But its reli fun to create a player what you want lol
Took a photo from my friend on the skype and I would say its 80% same on the, but 70% in the game after I downloaded it.


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SAM32;3120651 said:
yeah it will be possible only with creation master!!!!!!!!!

well...too bad my cm11 doesn't start... not thing response after i double click it... seems like some problem with my pc system:facepalm:

also guys. I think the vp (virtual player or pro) is inside the database1

heres the pics


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It would be handy for editing your pro outside of the EA website.

However I was more wondering if it was possible to use the created files to make players who currently do not have a proper face, Like Luis Suarez or the terrible Lucas Leiva.


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how could we use a 3d face model for our gameface? i.e messi's face texture, head model, hair etc on your be a pro? any one have some insight? cant seem to find anything with the search tool. cheers


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Hi friends. It is a little bit that I do not update the site but during the week-end I had some free time so I have finalized a simple but useful tool UGC Master 12 for extracting data from the "User Generated Contents" that you can download from the EA Creation Center. After downloading, in your FIFA 12 folder you will find a file named "UG something". With this tool you can open the file and unpack its content in a folder of your choice. You will find there a database file that yoy can open with DB Master 12 and several .png files. Enjoy !
Its here ! wait...