Game Stopped Working For No Reason


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I just received my nicest Christmas present. Fifa doesn't work anymore! Yaaaay!

It always freezes when this screen appears:

I don't know why. Yesterday it was working. Since then I've only added a few faces. Some of them were converts from FIFA 14, but I did that in previous days too and it worked.
I tried everything: Remove all those faces. Remove the sceneassets folder. Remove the 0 folder. Remove the db. Remove everything at once. Regenerate.
Nothing works.

The only other thing I can think of is that I aborted a roster update yesterday (but it was still at 0%). However, after that I kept playing and everything was working. But I could imagine that that somehow ruined some database file.

Does anyone have an idea? Thanks


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I Googled for a solution because I have the same issue as you. And this also happens since yesterdat. The only difference is that i didn't install any faces, kits or something like that. My Fifa is complete original and I even tried to uninstall and then install the game again. But my game turns in to 'Not Responding' at the screen you posted here.

Hopefully EA solve this problem quickly because it can't be a hardware or personal problem.


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I went to Computer --> Turning Windows Features on or off. I unticked Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player a couple days before but apparently FIFA 15 needs Windows Media Player. So I ticked these features ON and after that FIFA 15 works like a charm.

Hopefully it works for you too.