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Discussion in 'FIFA 13 PC Editing Forum' started by regularcat, Oct 1, 2012.

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    We are looking to keep the forums, sub forums and editors threads clean of requests and useless posts.

    The purpose of a thread is for 2 things:

    1. Editors posting their works, reading comments and helping you if you have an issue with their work; and

    2. Members to make comments and receive help if needed.

    We do not want to see irrelevant images and links in an editor’s thread.

    Editors want to be able to read comments and edit posts without having to look through hundreds of unrelated images and links. This is because members want to be able to find an editor’s work and answers to questions they have asked the editors without having to look through unrelated material.


    Usage of Forums

    FIFA 13 Forum

    The FIFA 13 Forum is for questions that are not support related and threads that are not in relation to anything in the sub forums.

    FIFA 13 Editing Forum

    The FIFA 13 Editing Forum is for threads, not questions. Threads are not related to anything in the sub forums such as chants, ID’s or editing guides (e.g. How to import textures into rx3 files).

    FIFA 13 Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards, etc Forum
    FIFA 13 Kits Forum
    FIFA 13 Faces Forum
    FIFA 13 Mods Forum
    FIFA 13 Patches Forum

    These forums are for what the title states and only for that.

    The request thread is for requests in this forum. Requesting in an editor’s thread is not allowed.

    FIFA 13 Support Forum

    The FIFA 13 Support Forum is for questions that are related to FIFA itself (e.g. lag, bugs etc.).

    It is not for issues with mods and edited graphics.

    You can post your questions in the thread of the editor whose patch is giving you problems.


    Please adhere to this guide when it comes to posting in the correct area.

    We are doing this to keep things organised so everyone can enjoy a better forum experience. Repeat offenders will run the risk of being carded.

    Enjoy the forums!
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