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As we've done for the past few years, we'll use a forum where the rule is that each kitmaker or facemaker is to have ONE THREAD named after him (one for kits, one for faces): "Hakeem's Kits Thread" or "Hakeem's Faces Thread" for example.
And you are to put all your kits or faces there.

IF there is a 2G texture, then a "Hakeem's 2GK Kits Thread" you'll be able to make. Same for faces.

Thanks and start editing dudes:crazyboy: :rockman: (H) :mrpimp:

UPDATE: Lets do the same for Boots, Balls and Adboards.
Each editor can have a thread for each thing.

Stadiums and Roster Patches can still be in the main forum as those are bigger news.

Keep it clean guys (Y)


Starting XI
Let me sum up the few simple rules in a list, so we can just add to this if needed to be:

1. ONE THREAD per editor for each kind of editing (kits, faces, etc), unless a different format (e.g. 2GK exists) is used.

2. Plagiarism (copying of other people's work, using other's people work without their explicit permission) IS NOT ALLOWED.

3. Please do not post too many screenshots of the same kit or face, it makes it difficult for the users to browse through the threads. 5 (five) Screenshots is enough.

4. DO NOT request a kit or face to be made, before you have used the SEARCH function. And if one already exists, you should (in most cases) not request for another one.
If the kit or face hasnt been made yet, then post a request in the Kits Request Thread or Faces Request Thread:




5. Respect the editors work, they don't have to do whatever you request.

If everybody follow these rules, or guidelines, then this forum would be a nice place for both editors and users.

Thank you.
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