Football Manager 2008 Demo


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Good new additions so far. Expanded Board confidence being my favorite. (THe higher-rez pictures are also great)


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Sporting Lisbon here.

As for the Portuguese League, Sporting has a GREAT team. Vukcevic, Romagnoli and Liedson are beasts. And Veloso is surely one of the best players of the game. And the team has loads of potential for future. Benfica has also an amazing team, Di Maria looks very very nice, and Porto has for an instant the best team, but not a team for the future.

I haven't noticed any flaws in the 2D engine so far. Actually, I think the 2D engine is near perfect...

As for my game...I only had 1 win in 5 pre-seasons games (2 draws, 2 losses in the others), even though team wasn't in good shape and testing stuff. I tried the 4-4-2 and still doesn't work for me. 1 draw and 1 loss in 4-4-2, but I will keep trying it. Went to my classic 4-5-1, but this time I made a variation.
Looks like a 4-4-1-1 or something like that. What I noticed I didn't have is someone to really help the striker, specially in away matches.

The win of the pre-season was with it (against V.Setúbal, convincing 1-0 away win), along with 1 draw and 1 loss (against Bayern Munchen). The first match for real was the Supercup against Porto...


By the way, the confidence graphics are brutal. Love it, great add from the SIGAMES lads. New skin takes a while to get it right, but now I love it. Much more to come...


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just finished checking out the demo. It took me a while to get used to the new interface, but generally the game was nice and it's much better than FM 07.I liked the captaincy part(though there are a few glitches) and the team detail is much better too. I'm expecting much more from the full version of the game (Y)

For now, i'm back to FM07 :)


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I also noticed Sporting CP has a very nice team. Might be an intresting team to play with in the full version.

My first impression of the demo: I bloody like the new skin! Finally SI have managed to really produce a nice skin, with a nice look and a good font. I decided to take over Arsenal(that's become kind of an tradition for me whenever there's a C/FM demo) and the first thing I did was...

...try to sign Klaas, ofcourse! But he wasn't allowed to go and now he's unhappy. :(
Anyway, haven't really played the game yet only played one match which I won 5-0 to WS Woluwe.

All in all I'm much more optimistic about this than I was with FM 2007, I never really played that game but FM 2008 is promising to become a very addictive game IMO. :D

PS: Go on Tom, make the new screenshot showoff thread. Don't have yourself beaten to it again for the fourth year running. (H)


haha i also took over Arsenal, i bought Kameni(great), Van Der Caart(legend), and Palacio(insanely good)

i think it's great what they've done with the "Budget Management"


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oh wow, my first impression from the screenshots was that the skins looked rubbish. nice to be wrong.


why the hell is the link not working for me????
I am expecting great things this year.
Zlatan;2410258 said:
All in all I'm much more optimistic about this than I was with FM 2007, I never really played that game but FM 2008 is promising to become a very addictive game IMO. :D

To be honest the addictiveness really comes down to picking the right team/league/scenario than the actual edition of FM. I had, perhaps, my most enjoyable ever FM game in the 07 edition.


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Kaka has taken like 6 PK's for me, and missed all of them :|

He's stat for PK taking is 19, surely a bug he's missing all this?


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Has anyone noticed the players backing off the attackers ?? This happens to me a lot, and this also happens to be the main cause of other teams scoring against me. I've put the 'closing down' bar on full, still the players just prefer to wait and watch the opposition. It's going to take a while to get used to....