Football Manager 2006 Beta Demo out now


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i may mod both forums, but be under no illusion that CM5 is a diabolical game to Football Manager 2005, and i mean bad.

However, from reviews its getting CMSolo seems to be a decent venture into the mobile market, if there was a demo id see what it was like.



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Man, they sure changed player stats... You might think that after winning the Champions League with Liverpool Gerrard might have gotten a slight boost in stats... but he's actually far worse than he was in FM2005. And the same goes for many players. Fabregas' finishing has gone from 15 to 1! Sure hope they make some changes to that.


true...the stats of many players were lowered, and so were the's very easy buying player with chelsea(more than it

and the game seems to be much more difficult than FM05 too..


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everyone is saying its harder than FM05 (which is a good thing) and also, as SI keep reiterating; the DB isnt yet finalised, so stuff such as silly attributes will probably be ironed out.

I use the word 'probably' :D



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exactly, i remember arsenal being pretty much unbeatable and struggling to kill small teams in the demo last year.


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Not like he's done anything good in the Eredivisie so far IRL.....:rolleyes: So what if he has 3 good league matches for Feyenoord. Even Gullit managed to start great with Feyenoord and the likes of players like Ghaly, Saidi, Song, Babos etc


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Great time for SI games website to go down. Anyone got a direct link to the exe file from some other place? Cos I want it NOW!