Fmm2 Beta 2.2


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Please help me! i have the message:(error occurs on saving (ID:503) Incorrect format or address when save personality data)
what should i do?


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If it worked anyway, good; if it didn't, but the game still works, oh well; if it didn't, and it screwed up your save, sucks.

The FM database is different from other versions this year, it even appears to be different with the amount of leagues available in your game. It's hard to get a programme coded right to pick up these differences, and there is no release version of any unofficial editor because of that. You use them at your own risk, and it's good if they work. Not much to be done if they don't.


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seriously mate, the amount of times we tell people to backup games on here. FMM is potentially brilliant, but for about 5% of players it ****s up their game, big style.


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What were u trying to edit?

Certain things it wont let u edit... for instance... if ur Barcelona, and want to give Barcelona 'B' £200m (or any reserve team for that matter), it might not allow u to do it.