FM 2007 official announcement:


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- just to show how well me and Ruud know SI, just noted that Miles gave somewhat of a hint as to the release date being pushed forward :D

"we always say Xmas at this stage..." in response to someone's question, the "..." being the most important (H)

- A few pointers about youth improvement: Fran explains that youth facilities etc now determine quality of youth players, not quantity as before. Quite interesting i guess.

- full features list for the PSP version will come in due time, as its completetly different to the PC version.

- real life feeder clubs (e.g. Ipswich - Inter) will be in the game, aslong as the researchers have put them in.


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Tom said:
To be fair Max, i'm not sure how much they could improve it. I mean they effect morale depending on the score, the player and i guess, other variables.

What i mean is, they do all they are meant to do, and i think team-talks dont need to be improved, just bugs ironed out.
That's true but I mean that there's more or less still the same options; Angry, dissappointing, encourage, pleased and delighted. I wanted to be able to say more to me players than that.

Good thing though there's an team talk before the match now aswell.


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i dont think it needs to be changed on the surface, as long as its been tinkered with behind the scenes.


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I'd like to be able to say: Pay attention to defense, especially near the end of the game. Forget about the offense if you must, but keep that sheet clean.

More specific advise that is.


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i still don't know whether you're joking or not... is it just me being really gullible?

it sounds so far fetched it could be true... and this is Inter.


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Honestly, it might not be the case now, but when Ipswich reached the premiership, they were the feeder club of Inter Milan.

Like i say, Inter sent Peralta there a few years back, im sure you can find other cases.


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Bah it's too late in the day to search. I'll take ya word for it :jap:

Also: Will clubs be able to have more than one feeder club? I think that's the case with clubs such as Man Utd with definately Antwerp and i remember hearing a deal with Fluminense in Brazil. And i know we also have a "deal" with Sporting.


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All these are great but I hope they will improve the media on transfer season because transfers is 50% of this game!


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I hate team talks, I think they're stupid and the only reason they're in the game is that everyone assumed Rafa said something to his players at halftime of the CL Final last year to make them come out strong. I personally don't really think so, it's just that he had players who weren't ready to die. Players are going to get pumped up without their coach yelling at them or praising them, the only thing a coach in real life can do of any substance is making tactical adjustments. And then of course the team talks in FM 2006 seem to affect the game more than tactics and players, which is complete garbage.

Feeder clubs and new scouting is fantastic though. I'm haven't really played FM/CM hardcore for a long while and I think I might buy this game.


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there might be one person on the forum who is interested in this news, so i might aswell post it. SI have confirmed that FM07 will indeed work for Windows XP Pro x64 AND Vista.

One person? no? (H)