FM 16 Details


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No, but I tried the demo briefly. Visually it looks like the best FM to date. Not much new but I haven't seen if the game play is improved.


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I'd have bought it straight away if it was out at the start of the season....I know what happens then now


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hi guys. ive been playing football manager since 2006 and have to admit that i have been playing through cracks. currently steam is having their summer sale, and 65% has been discounted for football manager 2016.

i have been playing fm 16 through cracks too for the past few months.

and was curious before i buy legally about few things.

1. whats the difference between playing online(legally played) and offline(illegally cracked)? i need few enlightments about the features that arent available to be played when playing offline compared to online

2. is it worth it to buy at this time? since 15/16 season has already ended.

do hope for you quick replies. thank you in advance


Starting XI has it for 15 dollars add promo code s42 for 5 percent discount. Must have a account/program.


p.s. I got FM 16 and will most likely get FM 17