FitriMira's '09 Boots


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@ Usain.. like i said earlier, you need to wait for any of my new boots, I got other important things to do right now. I got my final assessment this coming tuesday, Until then, you just need to wait. Thanks

@ vesolc.. nicely done. Even-though the color is a bit weird(the predator & adipure). Lol. But, maybe because it is a trend nowadays where all of major brands produced their boots in weird color (nike pink and puma pink and cyan i-tunit)


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Hey fitri! Congratulations for your great work, I have a request: This white mizuno morelia, very used for brazilian Players. Thanks man!


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Other request is the boot used by Rogério Ceni, there's two colors, they are very similar, only the color changes and the red one has this number 83.
Thanks a lot.



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FitriMira;2638496 said:
This afternoon I feel so lazy to go for class so I skipped it. I opened my computer and started making this..

Also, I updated my F50 itunit black to make it a lil bit closer to the real one..

Until the, Enjoy..
wooww... good boots!! man(Y)


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-Spoox-;2722428 said:
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