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..:: First FIFA11 exports!! ::..

Outsider 87

Starting XI
For stadium makers: for what I could see in the FIFA 10 Consoles db the adboards type and rotation should be decided in the db (stadiums table) and no more with the stadiums models... It would be a great news!!!


Reserve Team
mvanegmond04;2935385 said:
Some of my exports:

Nice new boots mate :33vff3o:

Cesc Fabregas

Senior Squad
Does anyone found anything about Controller interface? I think the graphics
will be the same like in resources folder. I want to create an PS2 button interface
for the full game ;)


Youth Team
My first kit mods in the Demo using textmod(Y)

For some reason the gk's kit logo doesnt change along with the outfielders logos

Will post my arena mods later.

Cesc Fabregas

Senior Squad
Wow, that's great, hopefully we are able to change them or at least swap the graphics,
it is confusing sometimes when there is the
from Xbox but on my PS2 Controller it's the


Outsider 87

Starting XI
bassio;2936362 said:
I was able to open the database, but still needs more work ;)
Great job but, if you have some patience, Rinaldo and Krystian are opening it ;)
Maybe you can help them given that the most difficult part is to find the right CRC to use to save changes :)