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FinoAllaFine Tattoo Artist

I am not too sure about the PES editing community or where to get files there, but here is the way I see the process:

Obviously the 2015 Neymar shouldn't have that many arm/neck tattoos

So I guess we can:
1. use F22 Neymar face texture from Dmitri's PC pack with all tattoos and delete some of them, e.g.
go from this

to this

to this

And from this

to this

Then find the best current 2022 Neymar arm tattoo texture and start gradually "deleting" our way back in a similar fashion:

May 2017

August 2016

May 2015

WC 2014

CC 2013

I know this is grown men playing dress up doll house in a video game but alas that's who we are :D

Also obviously not every tiny detail has to be correct but I think you get the idea.
Great! So once i end Up some requests i'll put my effort on Neymar!
Gabriel Magalhaes (Requested by tengsokuntheara)


WhatsApp Image 2022-06-21 at 12.41.51 PM (1).jpeg

Maybe in the future i'll release a V2 with neck tattoo, not by now, obviously with the @Lagwagon93 permission who made the original texture :)
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Starting XI
Toni Kroos
Kroos is one of those 'gradually tatting up' players too.
I believe I have assigned several year-tattoos to him already, but if you're interested:

March 2019 (Lion King on right biceps)

August 2018 (daughter's face and birth date)

At WC 2018

December 2016 (full left arm sleeve)

August 2016 (son's face and clock on left arm)

At Euro 2016 ("Felix" & "Leon 14.08.2013")

At WC 2014 (+"Leon 14.08.2013")

September 2013 (just "Felix")

Euro 2012 and before - no tattoos
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Starting XI
Update: speaking of Kroos (and other players), I've come acroos ( :D ) this great F22 to F15 tattoo conversion pack by Juf https://www.mediafire.com/file/0bbk85l5cyj27z6/FIFA+22+to+FIFA+15+Tattoo+Pack+by+Juf.rar/file

It may be useful for taking EA's professionally made x1024 tatoos and add/remove things from them for players like Kroos, Sergio Ramos, Neymar, etc if you want.

The only issue I've found is that EA seems to censor out any faces of kids/wifes i.e. real people.
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