fifaHelper tool for automatical converson databases Fifa22 -> Fifa15/16


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I am in the middle of tests some tool which converts databases:
fifa22 -> fifa16
fifa22 -> fifa15
fifa16 -> fifa15
depends on selected option.
Files which are converted:
From tests it looks like converted database can be successfully loaded into DBmaster and saved to .db and loaded into CM15 for fifa15 and into CM16 for fifa16 without any warning.
Sometimes I am able to succesfully start Fifa15.exe with converted database, sometimes not - the screen freezes during fifa15.exe loading.
But when Fifa15.exe starts at all then I am able to play any match even with new teams which don't have kits, logo graphic etc.
I never success to start Fifa16.exe with converted database. Screen freezes during fifa16.exe loading.
In general my aim was to just prepare some squads update of Chaos 2021 patch for fifa15 (not adding any new teams, just squads, tactics, transfers updates) and with current tool possibilities I can do this. However I implemented much more functionalities in the tool like the above conversion of 19 tables and would like to make it working and useful for everyone. However I don't have idea what might be wrong here and if with such tests output I can say conversion is working and will be useful. So does anyone has idea what might be wrong? Is it because my plarenames and dcplayernames tables are very big like in fifa22 (they aren't reduced)? Or maybe the issue is because I only add Classic XI and World XI team to tables teams.txt and leagueTeamLinks.txt (I heard that those teams have to be available even with empty squads)? Or maybe the issue is because I didn't modify tournaments (compa data) so there are some tournaments for leagues which aren't available after conversion? Or maybe the issue is because some crucial .txt file isn't converted?

I also would like to underline that Women International league, women players and women national teams are cut off from converted database.
And also I remove from output database:
TEAMS_TO_EXCLUDE_FROM_CONVERSION=Bombers,Avengers,Blazers,Bulldogs,Look Book Character Team
which are available in Fifa22.
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