FIFA21 Extra National Teams Patch 6.0


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paul2008me123 incase you read this, I just want to say thank you for everything you've done for this community, you made your mod at a bad time in my life and it was my escape, my number one way to clear my head and recover, so I will always appreciate you for that, and appreciate you for taking time to reply to me directly when I inboxed you, and I hope you're ok :)


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Is there a possibility that there will be a new update soon please? I have just explored this website and I cannot express how I am glad for you, creators of these mods :)
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Did you get help on this particular bug?
I found the fix when I was working on my African national teams patch for Fifa 19.
The problem is in the default db (not squad file).
The "nations" table in db is the one that needs fixing, so if you know how to use frosty editor then I can take you through it.
I use Fifa editor, can you take me through?


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renew link for TU-19
Thank you very much. I can always enjoy fifa21 thanks to your great national patch.
I want to play a World Cup tournament mode. Can you change the Asian final qualifiers as shown in the attached picture below for tournament mode?



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First, you need to have DB Master to be able to open the db.

Now, in your Fifa Editor Tool, head over to Legacy Explorer and navigate to >>>data/db<<<< then extract fifa_ng_db.db and fifa_ng_db-meta.xml into a folder of your choosing.
Next, open DB Master and point it to the directory where you extracted the 2 db files and open the db.
Once inside the db, find the nations table and look for the column titled confederation.
What you need to to is make sure that all the African Countries have their confederation set to 3, which is the value for CAF.
This way, the confederation assigned to each tram will match the tournament configuration for the tournament you're playing so you should be able to see the standings now.
If this doesn't work then it means the tournament wasn't set to the CAF confederation in the first place so you'll have to confirm with the modder as to which confederation he put the tournament in so you can adjust the team confederations to match it.

Also, I'm not sure if the modifications will work with existing career mode or if they won't be affected by the other mods you have installed but you could always move the mod to the bottom im Fifa Mod Manager to give it priority.

I hope I was clear enough, cheers