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[FIFA13] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)


Reserve Team
kaicooper;3487747 said:
the last 4.3 is amazing man..but comon..every CPU shoot and head is goal!!
plz fix that

I quite like the threat this poses now. I cant say as every time its goal though? Maybe raise your marking and lower line height for the defender, set your player mark to the attacker with the heading stats that are high before match.


Reserve Team
kaicooper;3492384 said:
dudes..every head and shoot is goal..ofcourse its Unbelievable bro

If this is the case you are doing something seriously wrong playing wise, or you just are not utilising sliders and settings along with the DB/ini to counter these things.

If I played this latest ini and that was the case I would be screaming a game bug or serious engine problem, and going by the downloads I would expect this thread filled with complaints.

Sorry, but I dont have this issue, a known threat yes, tricky to tame, yes, something I have to be very warey of and counter that will bite me in the ass if I dont ... yes. Not a goal scored on "every head and shot", if that was the case I would loose every game 10-0.

BTW if its that much of an issue why dont you revert to the previous ini?

I do know that with latest ini, well directed crosses to headers is lethal (and looks great in replays) now, but the point is to try your best to never have opponent get to that situation, shut down pass lanes, mark strategically and so on.


Reserve Team
bangus;3492573 said:
Take 5 seconds and raise the CPU shot error slider from 50 to 60. End of story.

the new .ini is very good..i liked the new animation and AI
the problem only every team playes like Barcelona..its ok for me
but really annoying to score eatch chance !! ..

i know if i did slider CPU shoot error only 51..they will miss all shoots lol
i hope its not like before

thank u guys anyway

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
Hello to everyone sg forum friends/followers.

Some new about my mods updates:


Full mod (both new DB and new AI) come out soon:
NEW ADV GP EVO AI 5 SERIES (Beta 1), in this series I add and tweak some new values like players inertia, momentum and more.....big changes in the general phisics, now you can see some big AI fails on sliding and standing tackles, now you will see more direct red cards for the AI, this is a big surprise, I think! You can see also big changes on the full gameplay, the great overall changes affect the gameplay incredibly!
Anyway a video isn't the way to realize what is really this mod!
Now on the gamepad when you play a game, you can really feel how hard it is to make a pass, a shot, and everything has become very heavy, also I changed the mass effect of the players.
Now everytime the AI play a new mode: pass and touch the ball without move or changes is position, that's really cool!
Now you can see totally new gameplay dinamics/situations, You can understand this because the game is not ready for these, and sometimes at end of the match you can not see the replays, cause the cinematics engine isn't ready for the new tweaks that generate new game situations.
On DB 1.5 - I've edited a lot of important players around the world.
New real and official music intro included in the mod, you can heard at the beginning of first video.
My new tweaks and discovery will be also good for fifa 14.
Let's say: in this mod made for fifa13 I have been inspired to fifa14 + my personal interpretations of more gameplay values.

The new AI is also compatible with all the others modded db released in this forum!

All the infos and two videos on my facebook page here:
(I use facebook page for the easy way to sharing contents).

Bye bye to everyone and stay tuned! And wait for news!
Anyway good summer's holydays to everyone and I hope for an really nice life to everyone!
Big thanks to all the comments and email congrats.

EDIT: sorry for the terrible delay, I am now answering to some pm.


Reserve Team
Hi Fidel,

Well going by what you have produced so far I am looking forward to this for sure.

Have you made many DB changes for transfers at all? You mention changes but no specifics.

Shame about face-book only I never use it, much prefer YT and spreading the data love so I will just have to wait until release to test it out.

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
Hello bro! I agree with you!
For everyone don't use facebook (sorry, on latest post I did not think this!):
here the youtube playlist with two videos:
Open info video tab for read info!

On the db still some player trasfers. If you want use my db 1.4 (I think more players use this) + your personal editing
...and use the new AI! Now I will send you the 5 series beta 1 through pm, install, start a tournament and after let me know here what do you think about!


Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
Fidel Gameplay;3533010 said:
Hello to everyone...
some pics just for fun!
Bye bye



Reserve Team
Cool mate look forwards to it.. It would be great to have parts of pes gameplay like speed of ball and player as fifa can seem a little ping pong sometimes and the ball does not seem to have any weight.

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
Hello to everyone, a new video is out now with full gameplay!

FIFA 13 ADV GP EVO 5 SERIES - BETA 1 - NEW AI + NEW DB 1.5 - Video 3

watch here (suggested): http://youtu.be/1oyi3IXYGDE

Another little video preview (some minutes of full gameplay).
I'm trying the my new mod with two poor teams (two poor teams respect important teams with high ranking and rating like barca, etc.).
Same settings as before (first video), but another match:
LA Galaxy-Sydney - Tournament mode, Legendary, full manual.
Please look at the action of the goal made by the AI. My goal is luck.
The half time in this video is 4 min, but for play the game with this mod you must use minimum 10 min half time (suggested).

Bye and thanks for all comment!
EDIT: beta testings is started, and some beta tester are trying! (One day ago)