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FIFA XBOX360 & PS3 editing tools -- A dream that is coming true in 2012 --


Unreliable deceiver
Staff member
Millennium Stadium Overcast, Sunny Day and Night:

I just need those last 3 files!


Club Supporter
I have the game "fifa11" for original ps3 .. if they can help some ...
We need to change the kits and bots fifa11 ps3 ... thanks ..


Club Supporter
hey man,ive been editing pes for almost 3 years now on xbox 360 so if you need any help with getting things going pm me


Club Supporter
Any news or announcements regarding to this project? It would be nice to edit FIFA XBOX360 - version with editing tools, even though I represent NHL community, but the database and files are pretty much the same.

One thing Bassio, are you still in the project and will the dream come true in 2012?
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Club Supporter
Does anyone know how to edit the menus for fifa 11 on XBOX? I'm just trying to get into modding and my main goal is to edit the career mode squad menu to look like an ultimate team squad menu.