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Fifa world cup 2010


Reserve Team
RoughRunner;3037885 said:
Do you know when it will be done??

Hmmm.... not quite sure....
database is to be done with kits and minis + faces + new arena + new intro video + .........dont know

cant exactly tell....when we feel patch is complete it will be released :D
But Will try to complete ASAP (Y)

Cesc Fabregas

Senior Squad
ANBSeth;3037137 said:
there has to be the song "marching on" from "One Republic" in it. At least they've played that song over here nonstop during the cup ^^

Btw here are 3 screens of the fifa-wipe. I redid it in 3d since i couldnt extract a clean one from the tv-clips. I tried to get close but its a little diffrent.

Wow :confused2: how you managed to delete the background in the transition?


Reserve Team
New Intro Video....

If you guys have any suggestions for the intro video feel free...but remeber it should be of 7-10 sec long and also post the link of that.....



Youth Team
The video is great, already has a nice feel to it ... i looked last night a litte and found this one, still looking for a better quality and without channel branding ... this one is for me closer to wc2010 because i saw it on tv all the time, dont know how it was in other parts of the world: http://youtu.be/aHFbYnAnYAk


Reserve Team
You see the intro video can only be made with the duration of 6-9 sec if you want sound otherwise you can input as much long vid as you want but there will be no sound....i did many experiments and also made intro with this but the quality reduces when we convert to vp6.....

The initial vid needs to be HD for good results :D


Youth Team
thats neat aswell, it orientates a bit more on the game then. But it would have to use the same background for the menus. For example, your fifa 11 video that you posted earlier has that "did you know" screen at 0:10. As much as i like Klose ^^ ... maybe you or i could replace that and recreate the screen with all the flags there, that is shown at the gameplay video at about 0:28 ... THEN we could put the video from there that plays to 0:40, make a snapshot from that screen and place it for the kaka-main menu backdrop. That would make a perfect illusion and transition! :D


Reserve Team

cant get that did you know out cuz there is very less space for 32 teams flags to be fitted :D

Does it look better than previous ??

IF anyone is intrested in editing the interface do let me know....u need to know texmod in order to create interface tex :P