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FIFA World Cup 2006 Official Multimedia Thread

John Motson

Club Supporter
Bloody legend Xifio! Thanks for your efforts.

Haha, apart from Harry's face, the rest look...erm, gay. Still an improvment over the faces, as the last WC game only had Harry's face.

That is one gay fact they have included.


Youth Team
Compared to FIFA 06 the Australian's faces look great.

Kewell, Cahill, Viduka have all definately have upgrades from fifa 06, they're looking nice.

Schwarzer and Emerton have specific faces for the first time, Schwarzer is an obvious choice for a new face, but Emerton is a little suprising - really I'd be suprised to see him start more than 1 game at the World Cup, I'd rather have seen Neil or Grella get specific faces. Or Bresciano, if he doesn't already have one.

Starting 11 could be worse, but Bresciano at LM... what the? Also Cullina should probably be in their, while I'd say Kewell will be playing more in midfield, on the left, with Viduka the only Striker.

But Overall it it looks okay, thanks for posting the pics!

By the Way, No I didn't know that the lowest mountain in the world is Mt Wycheproof - but what's the definition of a mountain anyway...


Now this would be absolutely fantastic ;) :p :lui:



'Print Screen' button and edit in a photo editor like Photoshop or PSP or I use Game Photographer from SoccerAccess made by Ariel.


Reserve Team
cfc_rule said:
Does anyone have Crespo's face on the game please! URGENTLY! I've been searching everywhere!

Check it out here: http://hosted.filefront.com/facuf11 :jambo:
Also you have another great argentina and international players faces, from this facemaker that has a thread in this forum. (if you are gonna to use those faces in FIFA WC, yo have to convert them to 1gf).
See ya.

PS: Don't make the same question in 2 different threads... It just make the people in this forum get confused (And that includes me)