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:: FIFA TEXTURE EDITOR released ::

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Club Supporter
Cesc Fabregas;2944157 said:
Just follow this, it works...
No need for a video tutorial.

Btw. looks like some files aren't encrypted yet because I searched my ass
off but found nothing about mini kits or club logos yet :(
Anyone found them?

bro, i did everything as instructed but when i drag to pictureboad nothing happen..plz help

Pazout 10

Reserve Team
Cesc Fabregas;2944130 said:
1. You open the big file and search for the file you want to change.
2. If you have found it, click on Edit -> "Active .big file's into folder"
3. Now click on ExportFileToGamePath, the file is now inside your data
folder, a kit inside "sceneassets" for example.
4. Open the rx3 file with Texture Editor and drag drop the new textures.

That's it...

I did it step by step,but i haven't my created texture ingame,so can u give me advise please?


Club Supporter
I just baught the PC version of Fifa 11,and it’s incredible,accept for 1 thing,can anyone tell me,if you look on the cover of the FIFA 11 package or a screen shot of David villa,u will see he has the blue itunit boots,but when u play the game,he is wearing the purple f50 boots.harly any of the boots in screen shots are availble when u create a player.Can anyone tell me if i still have to unlock these boots or wats going on???rest of the game is amazing,EA REALLY WENT ALL OUT ON THIS.

Would apreciate if anyone can help me understand this situation about the boots.Cos in vertual pro there are round about 20 boots that are locked,but none of them are these blue itunit boots,or any nice boots.

PLease anyone HELP!!!!


Youth Team
I extracted some shoe rx3 files and I when I drag and drop new boots texture to the big picturebox the mouse trigger looks like drag&drop would work but old texture is not overwritten.

Any idea?

Cesc Fabregas

Senior Squad
MonkeyDragon;2944129 said:
+ For the kit problem, you have to edit alpha texture too.)

I tried everything but the crest is messed up every time, not only on Poland, on all
other national teams I tried (Romania, Uruguay). Also on the wall in Arena the crest
is messed up, so it's not the kit alpha texture :(

Any help on that?


Club Supporter
jor1980 said:
The other problem with this has been detected by people with Windows Xp, i am going to upload a version with a button to import textures for those who can´t do a drag and drop

We're waiting...! :clapwap:


Club Supporter
Same problem as fabregas
But I'm trying to edit banners, and banners doesn't have alpha channel, only one image.

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