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i think mexico at the moment would be in the late teens if the things were right. maybe if we can get a manager for the seleccion that knows his players better :confused:. then we'd be like 12 or maybe top 10... maybe ;). there are really good players on the squad, then there are those that are like, how the f did he get there.

anyways, we'll be winning the copa de oro again this year :p.


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fifa rankings do mean something. not perfect, have some flaws, but i doubt anyone here could "build" a better ranking system. go to the fifa website and read the rules concerning the rankings before talking bullsh1t.

anyway... does anyone have the players and teams' ratings from this game? thanks.


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cariverplate_1 said:
no no no,the us does not kick major ass in international level;)

and mexicans are very good in the libertadores..thats why only one mexican team ever made it to the final and lost against boca...

thats why mexico does notn have any south american championships...0 libertadores and 0 copa americas....copa de oro is a hilarious joke compared to the conmebol copa america.

if MLS teams went then i'll laugh till my head falls off

Well the US did beat argentina a few years back if i recall :jambo:.