FIFA - Section For Consoles


Youth Team
For a long time I was at the forum, which as you registered as an unregistered member, and not to form part of which is dedicated consoles. I play FIFA from a young age and, since 2008 on the console kbos360 and there are sundry modes that enhance the game. Most of what I took off on this forum but always with some adjustments. Question for moderators was whether it could be made part of the forum dedicated to only consoles and people who play FIFA on consoles and not just on the PC.


this is more of a modding community which can really only be done with the pc edition.

we know the ways of piracy and emulation for consoles in order to mod but we do not
condone piracy or jtagging/rgh and it will get you a ban if you speak of it.

so with that said there is no real reason for a console forum seeing it is the same game
as pc with less opportunity to mod.