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FIFA Player IDs List - All FIFAs

Bubble Gum

Youth Team
A few month ago I've tried to find full players ID list but there were only fragmentary parts so I decided to do it myself. It was enormously hard work but with help from NaFer I finished this list. Now you can download it in xml. format. The list accommodates players from FIFA 04-10, EURO 2012 and 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010 and 2006, UEFA Champions League 2006-07 and some players from FIFA 2000-2003 and 2011-13. I didn't add evry player from last versions of the game because you can find them on sofifa.com resourse.

So here's the list. Enjoy it! All credits to NaFeR and Bubble Gum.


P.S. some players have two or more ID's - I've tried to find them all and mark with the numbers in a small column. Also I marked FAKE players and players with FAKE ID's from UEFA EURO 2012. Also some ID's vere linked to the different players. I've tried to find such ID's and show possible variants - the main (which was used in the latest versions) and others, from earlier versions. Some players haven't ID numbers cos I was not able to find them - only the proper place.


Youth Team
The only thing missing now is which ones have commentary IDs associated with them - not everyone has their name announced by the announcers.

Though, I admit, that would be trivial.

Bubble Gum

Youth Team
regularcat;3310681 said:
post them in the FIFA 13 IDs sticky for everyone bubblegum.

I can post them but this is not list of players from FIFA 13. Moreover many players from FIFA 13 are missed, so I think that if I post this list in your thread it will cause more troubles. But if you are sure I will do it tomorrow.

P.S. Also I have full list of the teams from FIFA series. Hope that one day I'll post it too but now I am too busy to do it.


Youth Team
Mate you are my hero. I've tried to do something similar but no were near the perfection of your list.
My fifa will get so many classic player in the next few days...



Club Supporter
His work is excellent. Do you have ID aa list of players with 3D faces fifa 13?

thank you


Club Supporter
Hi everyone.If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it.I have some fifa players IDs but I can't find the player names because those players do not appear in any fifa,euro or world cup series.But I can only hear those names with sound master 06-10 (Clive Tydlesley in commentary).I recognize some of them but I am not sure.Here is a list of IDs and what can I hear from sound master.If anyone can recognize or find in some way them or tell me a way to find them please give me his/her help.

The list:
13123 <miguel> but who?
135605 <raul> maybe Raul Nunez Aural goalkeeper
143410 <bodnar> maybe Laszlo Bodnar (but he is in fifa 05-10 with different ID)
143416 <Golovko>Oleksandr Holovko(Aleksandr Golovko) 99%
143417 <Gusev> Oleg Husyev (Gusev) (but he is in fifa 07-10 with different ID)
143422 Oleksandr Melaschenko 99%
144260 Ilhan Mansiz 99%
144274 Sergen Yalcin 99%
146483 <rivas> maybe Avimiled Rivas
146539 <amarilla> maybe Angel Amarilla
146647 Dani Cancela 99%
146994 <martin> maybe from Barcelona
147460 <leandro> maybe Leandro Lessa Azevedo(but he is in fifa 06-08 with different ID)
148126 Denis Evsikov 99%
148141 Anton Remenchik 99%
148612 <simao> maybe bruno simao
148804 <verluis> maybe (Johan Versluis or Roy Versluis )
149120 <van driel>
149232 <mancini> maybe Alessandro Faiolhe Amantino Mancini (former Roma,Inter player)
149307 <cocu> maybe Phillipe Cocu
149935 Najwan Ghrayib 99%
149947 Gustavo Boccoli 99%
149968 Shai Biruk 99%
149977 Eran Levy 99%
149979 Giovanni Rosso 99%
150260 Marcin Kuzba 99% (but he is in fifa 05-06 with different ID)
150274 <papadopoulos>
150411 <vitka>
150663 <cisse>
155908 <knight>
156002 <reid>
157149 <Serjao> Sérgio Ricardo de Jesus Vertello Serjao (vasco da gama)
159030 Vincenzo Iacopino 80%
160768 <Sergent> maybe Stephane Sergent
162117 <senel>
163281 <allsopp>
163610 <carrick>
165242 <litenba> (maybe Khalifa Elhadj Ba)
166756 <bell>
166759 <wanless>
166762 <taylor>
166920 Daryl Fordyce 99%
167427 Jurgen Klinsmann 99%
169160 <javi or havi or pavi>
47172 <johansson>
13965 (I think he is Alvaro with ID 139065 but EA made a mistake,check in sound master 09 or 10)
110325 Victor Manuel Fernández Gutiérrez (but he is in fifa 05-10 again with differen ID)
110339 Fran(Francisco Jose Figueroa Alonso) (but he is in fifa 06 with different ID)
53963 John O'Brien (but he is in fifa 05-08 again with differen ID)
134887 Barry Ferguson (but he is in fifa 05-10 again with differen ID)