FIFA National Teams v4.2 by Skoczek

Do you want Jose Antonio Reyes instead Juanito in Classic Spain?

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39 squads are original, the other have squads with only WC players in WC teams (except Mane and Benzema - it was too late)
I see that the update contains two dbs of 39 players and one of 26, so the two dbs of 39 are exactly the same?


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I don't see the point of updating the starting lineup. Each game has some changes from the previous one.
I'm not saying an update after each game is required, but after all the teams have played at least 1 game we can expect to launch a match as England and see Saka and Trippier starting; or Brazil with Danilo and Sandro as full backs instead of Dani Alves and Alex Telles; Danilo and Joao Felix for Portugal; Asensio, Olmo, Rodri, Azpilicueta for Spain, etc - as a 'base' WC22 DB.

Anyway, if I do this myself, I'll just upload the DB here.


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I get loc files, but main db is in data0.big, so it should be regenerated. Try maybe CG File Explorer or File Master.