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FIFA Manager Season 2020



FIFA Manager 2020/2021 season: Information

  • This year the Patch for 2020/2021 for FIFA Manager will be relased under new name, "FIFA Manager 2021: The Fusion"
  • The Patch is developed by Season 2020 team and FM-Zocker website team
  • The release is planned for mid December, 2020
  • In next Patch version it's planned to include 2 facepack versions - Football Manager style (sortitoutsi website) and FIFA Manager (fm-zocker website)
  • New stadiums are planned to include in the initial release version *
  • The dark theme for the game, most probably, will be released in future Patch updates **
  • FIFA Manager 2021 league list: https://fifam.miraheze.org/wiki/FIFA_Manager_2021_Leagues

* Stadiums update for FIFA Manager

We made a lot of changes for stadiums format in FIFA Manager. Also new tools were developed for stadiums conversion from FIFA games (FIFA 14 - FIFA 21) and PES 6.
  • Fixed game crash when using user banners
  • Custom stadiums are now displayed in stadium preview
  • Night lights and sun shadow now can be present on custom stadiums
  • The "Keep FIFA stadiums" option now also affect custom stadiums
  • Adboards animation now works with custom stadiums
  • Tournament dressing now can be used on custom and generic stadiums
  • The format for adboards and banners textures was changed - now it's same with FIFA format
ziNmePAQtrA.jpg MKjr-bycpgY.jpg tCrSFDyNgW8.jpg WztOiDYqn1w.jpg0W4LbnAfe1A.jpgVZog3VJyV-8.jpgBeMEpIeG6jo.jpgsm_kONQr08o.jpg

** Dark theme for FIFA Manager​

Dark theme development started this year, but the progress is very slow.
Manager 12844.png Manager 12851.png


Club Supporter
Hi there. Big thanks for your incredible work. I'm loving palying the seasonj 2020 and looking forward the FIFA Manager 2021: The Fusion. One question: there is a date of release? Thanks in advance.


Club Supporter
I am playing the 2020 patch and I am getting an error in 2034, that in national team I cannot sign any staff.
It always says I have insufficient budget even though it looks to be set to 744K. I have no staff whatsoever and I am unable to sign any. I tried starting a new game, but the problem is the same.
Is there some way I can get around this problem? Thanks for any help.