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FIFA Manager Season 2020



2019/2020 database for FIFA Manager 13 and FIFA Manager 14.
Version 1.1

Patch features

League list

Version Season 2020

How to download and install - guide:

A patch must be installed on a clean* install of FIFA Manager 13 (RLD version or Origin version) or FIFA Manager 14 (Origin version). To start the installation, launch "season2020-installer.exe".

* If you already have a FIFA Manager with installed Season 2019 Patch, you can install new versions over it.


FAQ 2.1
Q: What features does this patch bring to the game?
A: You can read about this here:

Q: Can I install Patch on FIFA Manager 14 (or any other FIFA Manager version) ?
A: You can install this patch on FIFA Manager 13 and FIFA Manager 14 versions.
   But note: both FIFA Manager 13 and FIFA Manager 14 versions use
   "FIFA Manager 13" folder in Documents folder for user files.

Q: Can I install Patch over any other patch?
A: No. The Patch must be installed on a clean game version.

Q: Can I install Patch over previous Patch versions (Season 2019 for example)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I install this on German (French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, any other)
   FIFA Manager version?
A: Yes. There are no any restrictions related to localisation.

Q: My game doesn't launch after installing this. What can I do?
   A: Try these solutions (separately) :
   1. Rename "Manager.exe" to "Manager..exe"
   2. Rename "d3d9.dll" to "winmm.dll"
   3. Try to change the executable properties (Manager13 or Manager14) to run it in
      Windows 7 mode

Q: My game crashes after I selected playable leagues. What can I do?
A: Check if you have "locale.ini" file in the game folder. If it's not there, find
   it in the "locale" folder and copy to the game folder.

Q: I see an error in the main menu which says that ASI Loader was not launched.
   What can I do?
A: Try to rename "d3d9.dll" to "winmm.dll"

Q: How can I add my own player faces, club logos and other graphics?
A: You can add them in a usual way, by putting files to respective folder in the
   Documents folder.
   In addition, it's possible to install new portraits and badges with the new
   Drag&Drop feature (available in the new Windowed mode). To do this, you need
   first to enable the windowed mode (can be found in game options in the main
   game menu), then open player (staff member/manager) page and drag your image file
   to the game window. Same for clubs and leagues badges.

Q: How to update kits for this patch?
A: Read this:

Q: How to write custom database scripts?
A: You need to get ScriptStudio editor and write custom scripts with it. Then you
   can load them from the Editor main menu (Assistant > ScriptStudio > Import)
   Read more about UCP scripting here:
   this: https://fifam.miraheze.org/wiki/Universal_Converter_Project_Scripting_Syntax
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Update 2 is available

Latest transfer updates

Player level and talents changes

3D-Balls for competitions - more than 40 balls are present

Champions League and Europa League TV Pop-Ups

Champions League and Europa League drawing screens

More than 30 new tickets

Updated club badges, competition logos and player/staff/referee portraits

Player appearance update
Updated player appearance for 3D match (faces, hair styles, etc.)

League composition updates
Updated league participants for leagues where the new season is already started.

A small adboards update
Updated default adboards, Champions League adboards, English Premier-League adboards.

League calendar update
Much more realistic league calendars.

Possible crash on 30.06 (30 June) is fixed
If you had a crash with UCP database previously, you can continue your savegame (if you have one), and it must run properly now.

Fixed possible resolution problem with FM14
This is for people who had problems with resolution changing in FM 14.

Added an ability to disable loans limit
By default, this feature is not enabled. To eneable it, create a file ucp.ini inside FIFA Manager folder, and add following lines there:

Added more 3d-kits

Added missing minikit for Club Deportes Tolima

and many other small improvements


DOWNLOAD LINK - check the first post
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Update 3 release details
-Updated database (12.05.2019)
-Added TV PopUps for English Premier League, Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1|2|3, Serie A.

-Added more matchday screens
-Fix: fixed possible crash (0x00ae2983 error)
-Improvement: Loans limit is now disabled (increased) "by default"
-Improvement: An ability to increase player salaries when you own the club is now enabled
-Improvement: Increased the age range for staff market search.


Development news

It happened! We added the Team Control into FM13/FM14! This is a special game mode for 3d-match where you can take a control of your team.

A video:

We also work on 3d-kits improvement.

Custom goalkeeper kits

Custom kit numbers

Now it's not needed to use fifa.db for kits parameters!
All parameters can be configured in the special .csv file:

You can see some kit parameters here. Only 3 selected are currently implemented: collar type, name placement and front number. Other parameters are reserved for possible usage in future. Collar type and front number settings are automatically converted from FIFA19 kit settings; the name placement must be configured manually

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An alternative download is available for the Season 2019 Patch 1.3 version.
Note that it's the same version which currently hosted on MEGA and torrent - but archived.
It's needed to extract the archive content before launching the installer.



Club Supporter
after i installed...work well but i can not do transfers...its a bug!!!its stays in negociations all the time!!
Please help!!!


Club Supporter
An alternative download is available for the Season 2019 Patch 1.3 version.
Note that it's the same version which currently hosted on MEGA and torrent - but archived.
It's needed to extract the archive content before launching the installer.

transfer bugs...i use fifa manager 13


after i installed...work well but i can not do transfers...its a bug!!!its stays in negociations all the time!!
Please help!!!
Have you installed any additional patches?
Can you please upload your savegame file in which this issue happens?


Update 4
-Added TV PopUps: Ligue 1, Russian Premier League
-Added GK kits, jersey numbers and captain armbands (3D match)
-Added AdBoards (3D match)
-Fixed errors

A complete list of changes:
-Exception message box for some unhandled exceptions in the game
-Reserve teams do not take part in the cup anymore
-Fixed a crash related to stadium spectators (0x1173B4C/0x62A88C, thanks to @pavlonik for pointing this out)
-Re-calculated leadership attribute for players (thanks to @Spidermini for pointing this out)
-Updated internationalgoals plugin (fixed goals counting for 3d matches, some other minor fixes)
-Updated Unlockables plugin (removed the bugged "Sponsor" option, thanks to @J1mmyNeutr0n for pointing this out)
-Updated CustomTranslation plugin (minor fixes)
-Updated reservenames plugin (removed the unneded error message)
-Added commands for changing team infrastructure (thanks to @konungenator for pointing this out)
-Euro Qualification now uses a proper ball (Euro-2020), U20 World Cup now also uses Euro-2020 ball
-Semi-final matches are now displayed on Europa League former opponents screen (thanks to @Thomas69 for pointing this out)
-Changed main menu logo animation
-Patch version is now shown in the main menu
-Updated Premier-League and Serie A TV Pop-Ups team presentation
-Added PopUps for Ligue 1 and Russian Premier-League
-Fixed cyrillic characters displaying in some screens and 3d-match pop-ups (thanks to @ARMEEC1 and @D}I{OH for pointing this out)
-Third kit colors are now displayed correctly on 3d-match pop-ups
-New Zealand league is now working
-Better distribution between reserve and youth teams (thanks to @Dzeta for pointing this out)
-Added goalkeeper 3D kits
-Added unique jersey numbers for 3D kits
-Added unique captain's armbands for 3D kits
-Some players now have personalized look in 3D match - short/long sleeves, low/normal/high socks, accessories
-Fixed some incorrections in Russian translation (thanks to @Pudrikello)
-Adboards (3D match) are totally updated
-Fixed green and blue jersey number colors (they were mixed up)
-Fixed some bug in 3d match when jersey number colors were incorrectly set
-Fixed the problem with incorrect jersey name colors (FIFA Manager 14, thanks to @Rollexx for pointing this out)
-Fixed the problem with displaying TV Pop-Ups text on 800p and 720p screen resolution (thanks to @Migan2019 for pointing this out)

This version/update does not include transfers update (same squads from 1.3 are used)
All kits are now packed into archive, so files in folder "data\kits" are not used anymore. They can be deleted. The same thing applies to files in the installer ("files_data\fm13\data\kits").


Club Supporter
I installed both the database and the stadium photos and the game runs fine, however the background of all the menus is completely black, so I can not read any text/player names etc. properly. How can I fix this? (I play manager 14 by the way)


What Patch version do you use?
Make a screenshot of this issue in-game.
Also make a screenshot of the entire FIFA Manager folder, where file sizes are visible.


Club Supporter
I use the latest version (1.4), downloaded it a few hours ago. The screenshots are 2 examples in-game and the complete Fifa manager folder.


  • Fifa manager screenshots.jpg
    Fifa manager screenshots.jpg
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  • Fifa manager screenshots 2.jpg
    Fifa manager screenshots 2.jpg
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  • Fifa manager screenshots 3.jpg
    Fifa manager screenshots 3.jpg
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  • Fifa manager screenshots 4.jpg
    Fifa manager screenshots 4.jpg
    312.8 KB · Views: 923
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Right-click somewhere on that black background (but not on a widget or a place for widget!), and the menu with background selection must appear.
Select any desk background there.

The issue with black background may happen for some teams, this issue will be fixed in the next version.