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FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.1 (23/24 Edition)


Youth Team
any chance to fix this? happens a lot after just a few time in CM16, and i have 16GB RAM


Club Supporter
Hello everyone. I am interested in a question. Is it possible to fix the goalkeeper's exits? The goalkeeper constantly goes out to pass on the move.


Club Supporter
I use the same version. And also it only does it in this patch when you try to edit a player. The CM16 works perfectly using other patches.


Youth Team
@scouser09 i'm having a trouble with MLS career mode, everything is fine with preseason tournament and transfer window. And the game crashed shortly after i advanced to the first match. I'm playing with UEFA A db. Thanks anyway!


Senior Squad
Quick update:

Apologises for the long silence. After the release of V6.1, I needed a break.

V6.2 is entering the final stages of development. This version will include squad updates for the 6 leagues not updated this season. V6.2 is also expected to include a record 11 new leagues!

Hello everyone, does anybody know how to fix this issue while installing the mod, help me pleaseeee!

The error is most likely because a file could not be overwritten. This could be because one or more files are locked or set as read only.

You could also try manually installing the version by copying the files from "FIFA 16\fip\version\<version name\" to the "FIFA 16" root folder.

how to assign specific accesory in player? use script lua

There are instructions in the RM16 documentation.

hello bro, fib16 v6.1 does not crash with english language, but it crashes when i switch to turkish language, what is the solution? thanks in advance


Where specifically does it crash?

in this mod, the winner of Carabao Cup no longer qualified for UEL ?

i was using Sunderland and swap it to lower EFL League One, on the Carabao cup i got easiest draw all the way to the final against Liverpool, fought hard and win but the next season there are no UEL for me, not even the qualification round

The winner of the Carabao Cup should qualify to the UEFA ECL. Which version of the patch are you using?

Gentlemen, I have a question why I can't change the ball for a given league, I'm trying to set balls for Vanarama National League and every time I change the id number for the league in the name


the assigned ball is Miter numbered


each time I change, the game generates a Selecta ball for me, not Miter as I assigned for the League

I'm playing UEFA A 6.1

specificball_0_62_1.rx3 if for a winter ball and would only be used in winter months. Use specificball_0_62_0.rx3 for general use. This ball will be included in V6.2.

I started a career with Wrexham in the National League, I look at the calendar and I didn't see the FA Cup. There's no this tournament in the career?

There is a 92 team limit for cups so I could not expand it to include the National League teams.

View attachment 122753

Has anyone had the same error in CM16? And how could they fix it so it doesn't bother?

Try this version:

hi guys, if you play fip16 v6.1. can you share your fifa 16 folder in documents?
i can't enter the game stuck in create profile. ty

I would recommend using the original FIFA 16 DB when make your profile and initialize settings.

anyone here who managed to get a full European DB with UEFA version A+B?

Not sure about V6.1 but it would not be possible to include all UEFA leagues in V6.2 into a single version which would work in career mode, even if the non UEFA leagues where removed.

@scouser09 i'm having a trouble with MLS career mode, everything is fine with preseason tournament and transfer window. And the game crashed shortly after i advanced to the first match. I'm playing with UEFA A db. Thanks anyway!

Did you make any edits or add other mods? What teams are playing in the problem match?

Hiii i noticed that some of you have an stadium background in the menu rather than a plain image, how i do that?

Use the .NAV files from the original theme to see the stadium instead of the background.

Hi guys! I want to play FIFA 16, where can I find a clean one, and how to install it? please help!)

-Exit EA App.
-Rename "FIFA 16" folder.
-Open EA App.
-Download clean FIFA 16.

What I have to do to fix this? He is a Striker using gk pants. I tried by cm16 but when the changes doesn't work.

The CM16 edit should work. If you are playing a career or tournament or have an active squads file, the game will use the players table from that rather than the DB.

Thanks for letting me know about this I found and fixed 3 instances of this issue.