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FIFA Football 06 Multimedia Thread


Starting XI
I've downloaded the video... looks much more natural now the game... but i think i'll just have an opinion when i play the demo, i wanted to congrat EA for listening to the fans and make that awesome net phisycs, finally they shake... :rockman:


Starting XI
After watching all the videos my words are, can't wait for the demo... :) The game looks promising, all the aspects of the gameplay are improved, the shot is now more realistic, gk stops look more real and also the shot itself seems less scripted not to mention all the fantastic athmosphere envolving the game. Good work EA.


Youth Team
@mouta see those videos look pretty damn good. The gameplay and the speed looks pretty good better than previous years and the nets look amazing now. Well the true test is when the demo comes out and then the actual game.


Youth Team
LeBaNeSe_FoOl said:
I hope its as good as ur saying so man

Dont take their word for it, you will have to figure it out for yourself, as we all have different taste as some like games where you can shoot from 30 yards out with ease and such. Just watch out and use the Demo.


Club Supporter
actually you are right on that one ben i can't ask you how good is a game for you because of the different tastes i have to play it to make an opinion about it which means i can't say it sucks or it's good until i play it or i play yhe demo at least


Youth Team
TrigunBA said:
This year we have linesman and the ref.
About the "bug" of the keeper, well it happens on Fifa 2005 and even on PES.
Its something that happens once in a while so its little stuff in my point of view.
... played a game on mmm (WE 9 or WE 8LE ??? forgot which one) and the keeper catched the ball behind the line.. referee decided it was a goal


Youth Team
from videos i have seen te game seems for me so different from fifa 2005. i think that gameplay has changed very much.

we need to wait for the demo (maybe in 3 days from now). ( i cant wait)


Youth Team
bkaj21 said:
why dont they have the team names shown where the score is. theres no way to tell whos playing

No problem there, i have seen many videos that shows the team names.
it probably depends of the build of the version that was the videos taken.