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Hi bro i found a good solution for this issue you can check it through this youtube link
Hi m8 I tried out your method,

Firstly, great job figuring out a way that's *almost* perfect! Must not have been easy.

However sadly I will not be using this method because movement inputs with the left stick are hindered/delayed. If I used this It would make me worse at GK when playing online because it makes positioning yourself a very odd experience. Sometimes my keeper moved too much other times too little - its just not right. So if my brain gets used to it, then online GK movement will feel weird and I don't want that to happen.

But it does indeed fix the camera completely.

So for people who mainly use l1/LB for movement (auto position) this will be the best fix for them, assuming they are willing to spend the time to configure it.

P.S. M8 I advise you go into more detail in your video for other people as there were a few important steps you didn't mention, and this method didn't work at all until I figured them out. I mention them below.

A) I had to go to 'controller settings' in game and went on Control Device, then selected 'KEYBOARD ONLY'
B ) I had to go to 'Select Sides' then put controllers in the middle and the keyboard on my teams side.
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Hello, sorry to bother you, I just want to thank you for your GK camera mod, it's really great and thanks to it I can finally play a real career for GK, I hope you will keep updating


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hello, I wanted to ask, today I received an update on fifa and since I shoot a series for the goalkeeper on YouTube every Sunday, I wanted to ask when the mod will be updated, thank you for the answer