1. P

    End-to-end camera fix?

    Is there a mod that fixes the end-to-end camera orientation? It's great... for one half. When teams switch sides, the camera stays put so that the player attacks downwards towards a half and a goal that they cannot see at all. I don't like the side view and this is the only alternative but its...
  2. Dmitri

    Tweaked Player Replay Camera (FIFA 07, FIFA 08 and FIFA 10)

    During replay in PS2-era games you can't zoom player face, so it looks like this: With this plugin the zoom limit is increased, and now the camera points on player head instead of the body. Download: How to install...
  3. Ascendian


    My mod improves the GK Pro Camera in Career Mode, like the one I made for FIFA 22. EA unsurprisingly still has not fixed the GK camera glitch, so I took it upon myself (again) to fiddle around with editing tools and make this mod. I am not an experienced Modder at all, this camera, although...
  4. Ascendian

    FIFA 22 Goalkeeper Career Mode Pro Camera Fix (TU17)

    Hello, I made a camera mod which addresses the glitched Pro Camera that happens in goalkeeper career mode. Now the camera is at a more acceptable angle allowing you to see more of what's going on in front of you. Hope you enjoy! Mod Showcase Video
  5. Chuny

    GFX MOD ULTIMATE | NEW HD Turfs/Grass + TV Broadcast Camera + Color Palette + More! OUT ON PATREON!

    FULL FEATURES LIST New 15 Realistic HD Turfs + Corresponding Stadium Assignments so that every team has true-to-real-life turfs assigned! New Realistic Grass Textures (more feeling of 3D) New 10 Realistic Color Palettes (NO Reshade, NO SweetFX, NO other 3rd Party Tool needed! - All from within...
  6. cikoman

    New COOP Camera Setting + Graphic Tweak

    HEy guys, i have changed the camera settings of the COOP CAMERA. If anybody is interested i can upload the mod. One thing. I am trying to fix the black bar and the light blue bar (see at the pics). Graphic Tweak: ONLY NIGHT GAMES THE LIGHTNING. So let me know Here is the link to test it mates...