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FIFA 23 Cheat Table


Club Supporter
Is there a way to play with the cheat table and with mods from the mod manager? as they both need a specific launcher to use?


Club Supporter
Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to disable player regen? up to fifa22 this was possible in the cmsettings.ini but with fifa 23 there is no longer an entry. does anyone have any tips for me or can help me?

Thank you


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FIFA 23 Cheat Table v23.1.0.1

Getting Started:

- Wiki

- Live Editor
- Cheat Engine 7.3 or newer

    - Added Global Transfer Network -> Reveal player data (scouting players not needed)
    - Added Free & Unlimited Releasing Players

Hello, I have an issue. When I enable the script to generate youth player with specific ID, it generates the player, but his values are all messed up (age is 2023, position is also weird, no OVR or Potential) and after I sign him, the game crashes. Please help! Thanks!