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FIFA 22 Live Editor


Club Supporter
Where can I find the folder which contains generated faces? I would love to it give it a better crop. Thanks in advance! :)


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Hey everyone, is it possible with this tool to add self-made missing minifaces for players (like the Brazilian Women national team which have none)?


Youth Team
Any chance you could assign stadiums to teams with this in future. Amazing tool by the way loving it. Would be great to change team names too


Club Supporter
FIFA 22 Live Editor v22.1.0.7

    - Importing miniface feature now works in fullscreen mode (replaced nativefiledialog with ImGuiFileDialog)
    - Root live editor mods folder can now be changed in settings.
    - Fixed crashes on importing/generating miniface when the target destination didn't exists.

- GitHub

FIFA 22 Live Editor v22.1.0.8

    - Added "Stats" to Players Editor (Goals, Assists & Clean Sheets)
    - Fixed width of the actions popup window in Database Editor
    - Removed unnecessary lua functions hooks

- GitHub

FIFA 22 Live Editor v22.1.0.9

    - Added LUA Scripts:
        - "export_season_stats.lua"
        - "extend_user_team_players_contracts.lua"
    - Added LUA functions:
        - "GetSaveUID"
        - "GetCompetitionNameByID"
        - "GetCompetitionNameByObjID"
        - "GetPlayersStats"
        - "GetPlayerStats"
    - Fixed crashes at startup "caused" by Medal recorder
    - Fixed crashes that occur when the first param passed to "Log" lua function was not a string

- GitHub
when i go to download it says virus detected and wont let me download it


Club Supporter
Loving tool! Can’t wait to get into a career as been on consoles for years.

Is there a way to remove limit on substitutions? I’ve found a line in the database tab, under game settings. In there there’s a line called ‘NumofSubs’. The current high range is set to 3. I’ve tried changing this to ‘5’, applied changes, and then hit reload. When I go into game though subs are still limited to 3.

p.s. I’ve checked out cheat table and can see an option under gameplay to set ‘unlimited substitutions’ for user. I just wondered if there’s a way to just use live editor to do similar job?

Thank you
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Club Supporter
hi , i have fifa 22 steam edition , if use live editor without cheat engine version do i get a vac ban on steam on other games ? like csgo because if you have CE on pc automaticlly you get vac ban for CSGO

Michel Ferrao

Club Supporter
Hi Aranaktu,
Do you know how I can edit the commentary name when I edit a player using chest engine or live editor.
Is there an table with commentary IDs in fifa 22?


Club Supporter
Hi love all the new features and how you have developed the live editor!
I just have a few questions, what is the LUA script for for setting everyone one at not retire state?
And is there a LUA script to extend everyones contracts with one season? Also can you edit stadium names for teams in a ongoing career mode? If so which menu is it in?
Thanks in advance and it is a great tool!