FIFA 22 freezing every 7-8mins on pc


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Hello. I recently bought FIFA 22 on steam. I installed the game on my Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 laptop, which is capable of running FIFA 22 smoothly. But still I'm facing freezing issues. This issue is happening every 7-8 minutes, where the game suddenly freezes in the middle of a match/ press conference/ replay/ menu screen. During this time even the menu music/ in-game commentary is stopping and instead I'm getting a weird sound. The freezing stays for 2-3 minutes, after which the game is running smoothly, only for the issue to return again after 7-8 minutes. The issue is so big that even my cursor isn't moving at that time. I tried various fixes like lowering the graphics settings, updating the NVIDIA graphics drives, disabling my antivirus, etc, but all in vain. This issue is bothering me a lot as I can't play my newly bought game undisputedly. I'm attaching below some in-game video footages of the freezing issue and the dxdiag file, so that you guys can assess the situation and provide me fixes as quickly as possible. Thank You!

P.S. :- I couldn't post the in-game video footages here. Is there anyway to post it here?


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