FIFA 22 - Enhanced Realism #0.1a


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Player Growth:
+ Less atttribute overgrowth
+ Less growth when injured
+ More likely to decrease growth when injured

Match Importance:
+ Maximum match importance for derbies against rival team either in league or cup match

GTN Scout:
+ Player attributes are revealed faster relative to scout level
+ Duration of scouting days are more dependant on scout level, lower level will scout longer days while higher level will scout faster
+ Discover twice as much players than usual relative to scout level (We have internet now, it should've been faster)
+ Can approach to negotiate with a player faster even if his stats has not been fully revealed
+ Faster value reveal for transfer listed players (the club put them on transfer list would probably provide more info on the player either way, makes sense)
+ Faster player's value and wage reveal
+ Set the time interval of a player to be considered has recently joined a team to 6 months (because we can't really buy them anyway before that)
+ Scouted player data will expire after 1.5 year, previously 2 year
+ Area and player scouted data will stay longer on reports
+ Able to approach/sign any player above 80 ovr

+ Longer retirement age for GK
+ Player won't retire unless below 70 ovr, giving chances for older players that are still good to play as subs/reserve or going to lower tier league


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Is there a way how to add flags and banners to your stadium in create a club, career mode?
I've been trying to figure that out. By default they don't have a banner. You can enable banners in the DB file using DB Master, however, banners still don't appear. I think each club with a banner has a DB file that determines which banner is used by that club, but I have not been able to find it anywhere in the Editor.