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Fifa 22 crashes


Club Supporter
Hi everyone !
If you don't know, i'm modding the French division from the 3rd to the 6th.
Everything is perfect, works etc... EXCEPT 1 thing : players.
I already created 1300+ players for the 60 teams that i edited so the mod is finished but when i simulate some seasons the game can crash.
I found interesting elements :
- some regens got -1 overall ; their age is egal to the year (for example 2026 years old) and their height is -1 too. I saw that the colored dot is black (usually its yellow for a back, green for midfielder and blue for a striker).
- when i wanted to simulate a custom player career, around 10-12 seasons the player litteraly vanished. He wasn't in the game anymore.

So i wanted to know if we could fix these problems ?