FIFA 22 Boots by Georgiy {[Boot Maker]}#3887 (15 years old modder from Russia)


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tried but it doesn't work .. when i go to load the squad file of the patch i use, it always gives me this message ...


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Maybe you can't have all of the above mods working togheter because some of them are changing the same files so it can't work properly.
Try to load only one Bootpack mode and launch. If it's working add another one and try, so you can see if some of the mods are causing problems. Or try to load IMs to be number one (put it on the bottom of the list in Mod Manager).

About squad file, ignore that message when you enter the game, then go to settings in game and load some other squad file and try or reset all squads .

Also the best option you can try to repair the game from Origin, delete all squads files from Documents/Fifa22/settings, delete MOD Data folder again (this folder is generated whenever you launch the game with mods).


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sorry the problem is another .. practically I do not see all the shoes in the pack .. and there are still those of fifa ..


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