FIFA 21 Legacy Edition Switch (Extract)


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I didn't really have a problem with the download, but you can use the pack that @Aswin Jayan has made containing all the minifaces that came with Title Update 8 that are compatible with FIFA 14, 15 and 16:

View attachment 59307Title Update 8 Minifaces 20/21 from FIFA 21

More than 2300 minifaces resized to 128X128 from 180X180
Compatible with FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16

Thanks to the people who extracted the files from FIFA 21

Pack contains both PNG and DDS files

Please support my works , if you like them. That will be a huge encouragement for me .


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Because there are over 21000 Minifaces or so and you are downloading each one of them one after the other until Mega packs it at the end. Use JDownloader instead. It will still take some time, but you can let it run in the background.