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FIFA 21 Creation Master


Youth Team
Do you mean to back to use this software like before? I mean to install leagues, tournaments?

Note: The current way to add tournaments for me is not very good like before with CM.
What happen is that the current code to unencrypt the database of the more current FIFA's are complex.


Youth Team
Many time ago I made my last post in soccergaming, I think it was in FIFA16 (moment in which I was more active here) we could to use "Creation Master" to add patches to the game, but now I see the coding or encryption to create the "FIFA's" is harder to be modified, because before I think it wasn't so complicated for the patches' creators, while now the game's updates block the patches. In internet I found an article where they say that forums will finish dying, I think what they mention is true because there are many FIFA's websites down.
I actually have FIFA21 and i would like to play for example World Cup, but patches that they publish don't work because as I said before the updates block the mentioned before.

I hope back as before where it was easier play and install patches.


Club Supporter
I'm Willing to pay people to make creation master for fifa 21

I was looking for it recently, for the compdata files....

As far as I understand you just need to modify the compdata files in FIFA Editor tool Legacy explorer to make the modification work, you don't need to do a "Regenerate BH files" like in old FIFAs,

So, I decided to try something, and I was able to open the FIFA 17 compdata in CM 16 Editor, unfortunately FIFA 21 was refused by an error.

What I did was just extract the legacy files from FIFA 17 (compdata txt files) using Frosty Editor, and replace them inside my FIFA 16 installation.

In CM 16 the problems started, various teams inside the Tournaments tree were "Undefined", it happens because the list of teams are obviously different in both FIFAs (fifa_ng_db is from FIFA 16, if I try with the FIFA 17 file it crashing on opening), and the worst thing is, saving the modifications cause a fatal error. So you can't change anything in the end.

I decided to search for the source code of CM 16, so maybe I could adapt the code to at least save the modifications in the compdata files, I only found source code from CM 15, which can be useful....


I'll have to look into it to know which version should be easier to adapt for, 17 or 21... I honestly prefer 17 because the gameplay is better.

Now I'm thinking if worths to dive deep into it... my experience is in Java programming, but C# is very similar, I'll lose my life if I decide to do this thing.
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Hello, is somebody here using FIFA 21 that could share me some faces files (png and fbx) from players that appeared in theat version of the game? I mean vanilla faces. I could trade some faces. If you are interested, please post your discord as an answer.