Fifa 2004 Faq *updated Gameplay FAQ*

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As with FIFA2003 this year Soccergaming will have a FAQ thread. However this year rather then waiting till all the problems are known, we will start it early and add this this thread, so check back soon.

As always please go to and click on support before sending a PM to any of the mods, It would be best if you look at this thread first then go to the EA site for further info or to contact someone at EA for mor help, since this thread will most likely be updated faster than the EA support site. For info on what sound cards, Gamepads and what Graphic cards are compatible with FIFA2004 please email EA support.

FIFA SOCCER 2004 PC Requirements
CPU: Pentium III
CPU Speed: 500 Mhz
RAM: 64MB (128MB for XP and 2K)
O/S: Win 98 / 2K / XP
Display Card Chipset: Direct3D compatible with DirectX8.1
Display Card Memory: 16MB

1.Online Play

PS2: EA SPORTS have passed on the following info for those of you who are having trouble playing FIFA 2004 PS2 online.

If you are having problems connecting to other players and your PlayStation®2 is behind a firewall you will need to open up the communication ports that FIFA Football 2004 uses.

FIFA Football 2004 uses the following UDP communication ports:
UDP port 3658 - peer to peer connection
UDP port 6000 - VOIP (EA SPORTS(TM) Talk)

To open the com ports: Go into your firewall software or router screen and manually set those ports to be open. If you're not behind a firewall (software or router) you don't need to do it.

PC: Please note that if anything at all is changed in the game you cannot go online, even something as small as updated gloves leaves you unable to play online.(this is the case with FIFA2003 we are not sure about 2004 yet but this will likely be the case)


Solution To Patch Installation!!
1.Use disk 1 and let the autorun menu pop up
2. Click on check for update
3. You will be brought to the patch update webpage and choose your location( Europe or N.A)
4. Click on the green thingy button and when it says download patch click it again.
5. It begins downloading without showing progress. Don't worry just wait.
6. When the button shows patch installed, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT immediately close the window. Just let it stay there for a further 5-8 minutes just to be safe after you see the patch installed displayed. This is for precaution(it really pays to be safe)
7. After the waiting, you should close the window. It should close fine without any lockups.
8. Run the game and you should see the difference.

3. Fixing Gamepads

Please keep in mind that you cant change the button setup for XBOX, PS2, or Gamecube.


1.Career mode

Money and transfers-While playing in career mode you get money at the start of every season and ONLY at the start of every season, how much money you have by Jan depends on how you spend it. The transfer window is open July and August(only august if its your first season) and then it opens up again in Jan.

Prestige- These are used to train players and to make bids for players during the transfer window, you get a budget every week, how much you get depends on how well you did the season before. They dont carry over week to week so if you have 1000 un used points one week, you wont have 2000 the next, you get the same amount every week

2. training
- when your train a single player the skill you choose is what will increase the most in a player, dont be surprised if the skill level only goes up a number or two, in fact, you should be happy, because when you train you dont set out to increase the skill level, but the pace, heading etc. etc. If you find that the skill level went up you will likely find that the skill you picked in the training menu has gone up 50% or more.

3.unlocking kits
- in FIFA2004 the only things you can unlock are third kits.

- There are no stads, or teams that you can unlock

- To unlock the third kits, you have to beat every team in a league, at the control menu before the game starts, make sure to switch to YOUR profile under the keyboard or controller icon. If you beat every team in the EPL 6 times for example, but dont switch to your profile before any of the just beat everytime for nothing.
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