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FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

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Youth Team
great work men, one question...you have o can do it ryan fredericks west ham player conversion from fifa 20, please?


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[QUOTE = "John, posta: 6606815, üye: 222438"] [USER = 217793] @ Lagwagon93 [/ USER] PSG oynatıcılarının geri kalanını Ocak FIFA 20 güncellemesinden [/ QUOTE] dönüştürebilir misiniz?
Please @Lagwagon93


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I do not find
could you convert Corchia(191210) and Lejeune (197948) 'faces to fifa16 ?


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I think we might have to wait for the FIFA21 Switch versions of all the faces that we couldn't convert from FIFA20 updates.
So only neymar and mbappe were converted to the Nintendo switch version , and the other PSG players weren't.


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Hi all!
Someone have got Bukayo Saka face to Fifa 16? He was on moddingway site in conversion from fifa 20, but the link is deleted on the site! Sorry for my englis!


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Hair style of like players havry Elliots, kalvin phillips, van bissaka, camvinga edurado crash the game fifa 16 ?? Please any one have solution, or solved a problem ????


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A description of who's in each pack would be nice.
I'm trying to look for someone who ripped Lev Yashin so I can put him on my Classic XI.

Left Hand QAQ

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Hello, is it possible to upload the legend player pack again, because it seems that the previous link does not work anymore? Thank you very much!
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