FIFA 20: SEF Mod (Superettan + Svenska Cupen) (v.1.1)


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Hey guys!

For the ones that still play FIFA 20, I created a mod that adds the 2nd division of football in Sweden (Superettan).
The modification currently works ONLY IN SWEDISH AND ENGLISH.

The new league replaces the Saudi Professional League in the game. The teams added are from the 2019 season. There are some flaws still in the mod, but i thought i would put it out now and see the response. If people are interested then I'm more than happy to keep working on it. But it's fully playable as it is now. Enjoy.

Please, read the ¨readme.eng¨ file before installation. The file is in English, and contains closer information about the mod. The same information is also available in Swedish in the ¨readme.swe¨ file.

If you have questions, find bugs in the modification or want to come in contact with me, leave a comment or e-mail me: [email protected].

Download link:


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