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seems like a problem with the nationals. What nationality does she have?
Been playing with a Dutch player now, had a similar problem, as soon as I reach June 2018 and starts the summer transfer window the game crashes. At least with the 2 Americans, I tried before the game was crashing a bit "later".
I May attempt again playing with the NWSL and an American player to see if the issue repeats.


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No, but scouser and I were alone at the moment and he's also involved in some different patches so we have very much work with only two persons... so we are sorry that this project take more time than others....


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No, but scouser and I were alone at the moment and he's also involved in some different patches so we have very much work with only two persons... so we are sorry that this project take more time than others....
I'm sure there are people willing to help.


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how to fix this problem? It appears in game also.


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Hi all.

I've returned to the scene due to the EK starting soon, and Fifa Grabbing my attention again, and thus this patch.

For those that remember, i've updated the Belgian competition of the females a bit to their most recent one's.

Since i don't know which Squads OlliX and scouser are working on, i won't be updating any myself, but from the past, i've seen Inter and AC Milan being worked on.

My focus now has been with tweaking and finding perfect cl.ini tweaks... and found a long lost mod, that still works. I see quite often people asking how they can let the CPU play against each other in game modes that normally force you into playing the team you pick in those modes.

Lucky, due to being very persistent myself in finding a solution to this, i bumped into the mod i was looking for from back in 2015-2017 (and also with a working download link), tested it already, and now i'm able to let the CPU play against CPU in manager career mode (since in that mode, i want to MANAGE my team, not do both things)

With the Cl.ini tweaks i'm primarily mixing and matching lines and values with slider settings in game, but i believe i've managed to get some very extreme good results.

While all credits go to the people for finding those values for the said file, in fifa it always bothered me that by default the CPU plays very unrealistic.

I'll drop a File here soon with the CPU vs CPU mod and my cl.ini tweaks & sliders, but the thought process of course is to change how the teams play.

With the cl.ini tweaks i've made and tested, i've been able to take the arcade & way too fast gameplay out of the occasion, forcing the CPU to tactically play the game out, pass the ball around, and rather than what fifa 16 does by default, strikers and stuff just running straight at the goal and scoring, the game now plays much better.

Long balls happen, crossings are done, players dare to do much more, such as shooting a ball straight towards the goal from distance or from the air, and of course, there is a much bigger risk in failing this.

Also errors are forced out a lot better, and actually do happen. All around the gameplay has been amazing to watch.

As a last test, i've tried to do this in Manager career mode with the CPU vs CPU mod installed, worked like a charm, and my cl.ini & slider settings felt even better.

My team was Linköpings FC and we played a game in the pre-season tourney and an even more interesting game was played.

While my Team had the clear advantage, both on the sheets and in-game, we were unable to score, had a lot of attempts, but eventually lost 0 - 1 due to a owngoal by one of our center-backs that was positioned wrong and failing to control the ball well enough to work it away, so it ended up in our goal, although barely.

this was interesting to see, as it is something happening IRL, where a on paper and statisticly much worse team manages to take advantage of a stronger team when they are playing bad, which was very certianly the case here. game was played on 10 minute halfs, on semi-pro (because female players, unless it's a really bigger name) aren't quite yet on a professional level, so i feel that is where it should sit for every game, even if that means that my team loses to a worse team, that's only normal that they can't win every game.

Although, there's a little bit more that needs to be done outside of the Cl.ini and slider changes, and that is setting the overall team tactic and formation.

Either way, with that done, and even without giving them a tactic beyond the default 50 values, i've been getting very interesting CPU vs CPU games with different outcomes, and slowed down enough to the point where we see actual football rather than a scoring-fest.

So, be on the look-out, i'll drop it here soon and give a note-pad explanation as to why and what you need to do to create some of the best CPU vs CPU situations if that's an interest for you.



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As a second post, there is however one thing that i will do in terms of updating.

Simply said, the season in the belgian female competition has come to an end, and i now have a better idea of how the teams would shape up in terms of overall scores. One team that will see a massive boost is the female OHL Team as they clearly appear to be much better than the ratings i gave them.

They ended second, and did beat the KAA Gent Ladies in all but one game, which ended in a draw. RSC Anderlecht Ladies obviously grabbed the title and throphy, this is now their 4th in a row, and is also unlikely to change next season, especially if Tessa Wullaert decides to stay, which is very likely due to the corona stuff happening.

Club Brugge KV (Ladies) for their first season in the top-tier of the females ended 5th, or better, mid-bracket. which means their overalls will be lowered at the moment as the team is good, but obviously, not yet where it should be.

This seasons top three:
RSC Anderlecht (Champions)
OHL Leuven (Second)
KAA Gent Ladies (Third)

Furthermore, as time goes by, Ives Serneels & Roberto Martinez have already worked together in order to get more players in the National Female team, The Red Flames, and it has an overall positive effect as i get the feeling we are also drawing closer to a golden generation within our female National team. at least, that's becoming apparent in the Female Fifa-ranking, where we came from Rank 28 previous EK, to 17 now (which has been our highest in the past before, but i'm hopeful they will be able to break through that record soon) and our second qualification for a EK, so yes, this year we get the Male team in the EK, next year, we can cheer on our Females in the EK, as Martinez says it, "It's Devil Time", and i believe this will be equal to both our Men and Women International Team.

Also, Now that the CPU vs CPU Mod fuctions within Carrier mode, it's also time to Redo & Expand the Female Competition, but it will be the current 10 female clubs (however, i'm replacing White Star Woluwe and Eendracht Aalst with two other known clubs from the male competition, White Star Woluwe gets absorbed and becomes Royal Antwerp, since the jerseys come closest the females, and Eendracht Aalst becomes KAS Eupen, again, because the jerseys have the same colours), but on top of that, i'll also expand them with two extra teams for my personal taste, mostly made up of free agent players, and since technology allows it today, we will use Random generated AI human faces as the miniface for those that don't have one, just because we can, and because the majority of female players probably will never get a proper miniface either. Just want to replace the faceless ones with at least something to fill that void.

For the People who are interested afterwards to have the Belgian Competition updated in their WFP installation, can ask me for the DB when done. (that does mean the minifaces won't be there though)

But for as long as the 4.0 patch is in progress, and as long we have to speculate what clubs get updated, added or removed, we can only be creative and play around ourself with this beautiful patch and give it our own little fling. :D

Also, a obvious thing for most perhaps, is that you can also use the most recent jerseys and logo's found in the Fifa 16 infinity patches, 4.0 being the latest, giving you all the 2020-21 jerseys of the males, which can serve as great placeholders for the female teams, or your favorite female team (if they have a male team in Fifa 21) but for most international teams, the male shirts should be exactly as the female ones, so those are all present.


P.S. i haven't forgotten what i said in the first post, and i will post that soon, if you cannot wait however to give this Fifa 16 CPU vs CPU mod a try, get it here: (was always there, but... obviously it's not always easy to specificly find the said result)


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After come Careful investigation, where i played a total of 4 games in carrier mode as the manager of RSC Anderlecht there have been some interesting findings and games as a result.

While i'm almost ready to hand you guys the whole package, there are a few things i want to discuss about the sliders and some of the CL.ini settings.

First and foremost, this is my preference as a manager on carrier mode, but all my games are played on 20 minute halfs, as i have no intend on rushing through carrier mode.

My Results (Friendly Pre-season tournament):
0 - 0 Draw first game (10 minute halfs)
1 - 3 Win Second game (20 minute game, opposing team scored first, and we ended the first half on 1 - 1)
2 - 1 Win Third game (10 minute halfs again)

We Went through to the Semi-finals vs Werder Bremen as group winner with 7 points, but the game seems to enjoy injuring Tessa Wullaert (Which is valued at a whopping €25 Million price tag), In the second game, she and Jarne Teulings were the deciding factor in our 1 - 3 second game, but at the 33 time mark, the game injured Tessa. Interesting fact though, in friendly games, a injured player is substituted out, in carrier mode, Tessa went to the sidelines and was patched up, rejoining the game later, but clearly after the game, she went out for 3 weeks with a hyper extended knee injury.

Vs Werder Bremen it became very clear that my team was struggling, even though we scored an early 1 - 0, we were struggling to create any decent chance to score and the entire game, Werder Bremen was in control, with us falling back on counter-attacking and defending, so, Werder Bremen got ahead with 1 - 2 as it was only a matter of time with all their chances, but we did manage to counter attack once more, and were successful, the game ended 2 - 2 level, with werder bremen being the clear better team.

Penalties were taken, and that's where we did bite the dust, losing 1 - 3 in penalties, so from a game and manager standpoint, i was happy with the results. We did well, but became clear that we would have to do better vs teams that are of our caliber instead of winning against second class teams.

Such results and gameplay would not have been possible without some of the sliders and CL.Ini settings i decided to use and test for this purpose, and i will begin actually with a slider that everyone seems to be scared of of increasing to a high value:

Goalkeeper Ability: It seems, despite what many seem to think this slider does, it turns out that you do want this to be high, and actually, nearly maxed out. Why? This acts as how "Handicapted" your goalkeeper is. At a value of 85, i noticed that my goal keeper was able to keep poor balls out much better, but there was still a pressing issue visible. She often weirdly ran around with balls, and still "watched" an own goal happen, or better, she was unable to keep it out because it was as if she was stuck.
At a Value of 95 however, those issues were eliminated. So, what does it do? this slider basicly is very simple, at the default 50, goalkeepers will only perform at half their overall, causing that balls that should not go in at all, still do go in, while at 95, players will have to put in efford to get a ball in goal, either by a counter attack, shooting well, strong header, well taken cross, and so on. So, long story short, you want this to be at 95 and not anything lower. This is not a broken feature, in fact, it massively helps in creating those tense games.


Those are also a massive difference, and will eliminate the very unrealistic default fifa 16 gameplay. with the value being on 99999.0, rest assured that each game you watch will be different.


Is what makes it possible to slow down a game enough to make a 40 minute game dynamic and eventful, 0 - 0 is also thus not out of the question, and in combination with the New Gameplay, you will see teams building up attacks, rather than giving zero knowledge to the actual game like it is on default.

MENTAL_VISION=30 (Experiment with this value)

Causes that players can't see clearly across the entire pitch, combining this with sliders like first touch error and passing error, means that bad crossings etc happen, of passes that land in the shoes of the opposing team, so positioning becomes a very important factor, and your formation & player positions.


Gives the ball Physics, that also again, play along with sliders such as pass error, first touch error. This means that players performing a higher skilled move, such as shooting straight on a ball coming from the air, or performing a scissor kick etc, has enough chance to fail when the player wrongly contact the ball, meaning the ball can fly off too high, cause a bouncing ball, or the ball flying off too far towards the left or right. it also further more causes much better effects when it hits the side pole or upper pole.


Not entirely sure if they do much, but here i have them enabled either way. The Morale one will only be most of the time affecting the morales in carrier mode, but from what i've noticed, is that one of my low morale players became much more determined to "score" or play better, while a high morale player was overall performing above her abilities, feeling much more confident in actually attempting and playing better. The Home & Away effect could be bound to the fact that playing home & away will cause them to either play better, or struggle more when not having a home advantage.

And then lastly for now. is one thing i've mentioned earlier, give your team an actual tactic, this patch has a lot of teams where the tactic is on default 50's, and while this may not look like it does much, it actually does, My RSC Anderlecht during this testing phase in career mode played very dynamicly, with also mid-fielders attempting goals, and even one of the defenders going very far to assist in creating chances.

Now one thing i still have to look into, is fouls, nearly not enough fouls happened, and all 4 games almost happened without fouls, which is not what we want.

Either way, give those lines and the GK ability a go already, and you'll probably see a big difference already.

Credits though go to supernova and the like for those strings of code etc, i'm just here playing and testing it to see how well they do. :)



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How up to date is this patch?

The current version v3.0 is correct as far as i know for season 17/18, but obviously, we are 2021 now, and going into season 21/22, since then there have been changes.

Such as Real Madrid having a female team now which was not the case back in 17/18, The Belgian female competition back in 17/18 only had 6 teams, and only since last season, we got 10, and one of the teams not being a part of it anymore.

Here and there, there is a team(s) missing, and that would be because we know they exist, but finding so very little info on it that we don't know who plays for the said team.

Unfortunately, there's a lot more female teams out there, but there is a tendency that stuff just isn't documented well, making it very hard to find player lists for those teams.

My recommendation is to just have fun with it, and update the team or league you plan to focus on to their latest known squad. In carrier mode, things won't go according to IRL either. (Such as player Jordyn Huitema playing for a russian club in my carrier, while IRL she never did or will, she plays for the female PSG now IRL)



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The current version v3.0 is correct as far as i know for season 17/18, but obviously, we are 2021 now, and going into season 21/22, since then there have been changes.

Such as Real Madrid having a female team now which was not the case back in 17/18, The Belgian female competition back in 17/18 only had 6 teams, and only since last season, we got 10, and one of the teams not being a part of it anymore.

Here and there, there is a team(s) missing, and that would be because we know they exist, but finding so very little info on it that we don't know who plays for the said team.

Unfortunately, there's a lot more female teams out there, but there is a tendency that stuff just isn't documented well, making it very hard to find player lists for those teams.

My recommendation is to just have fun with it, and update the team or league you plan to focus on to their latest known squad. In carrier mode, things won't go according to IRL either. (Such as player Jordyn Huitema playing for a russian club in my carrier, while IRL she never did or will, she plays for the female PSG now IRL)

Ok, so I am looking for up to date Poland NT


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Ok, so I am looking for up to date Poland NT

there is a polish NT in it, up to date to the 20/21 or 21/22, that you will have to do yourself for the time being.

if you know who plays for the squad, you can very easily do it yourself, but requires some work. And with easy i mean that you can replace the polish female players who don't play in it anymore with ones that do play in it (just make sure you don't replace the ones still playing for a club in the season you want, or you'll have to re-add those manually)


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It became clear what happens already next season for the belgian Female competition, and for now, i know this:

Lola Wajnblum leaves Standard for OH Leuven.
Heleen Jaques & Jolet Lommen both put an end to their carreers, thus not returning next season, KAA Gent Ladies is losing quite a few promising female talents since previous season, where only 4 remained, nevertheless, KAA Gent Ladies ended 3th. However, Jolet Lommen is only 25, so it's very early to end her Carreer. Though, she stops because she wants to enjoy life with friends etc. Heleen Jaques will return as the manager for the U23 of our Red Flames.

I've also been able to pinpoint another Belgian Female Player that looks very promising, although that she does not have a lot of caps yet, or made a massive difference yet, it's somebody to look out for.

Alexandra "Zandy" Soree


American Born Belgian Female that is playing in the NWSL League, and thus, could show a lot of potential.

She has yet to score, and she only had 4 caps and 10 selections for the Red Flames, I can understand that she is a very difficult player to call on due to her being active in the NWSL. Either way, Along with Marie Minnaert, she is also a very Potentially Promising Player but i'd love to see her more active in the Female NT.

As for the Rest, i've decided that i will Provide the Updated Belgian Clubs in a CM 16 Patch format, so that you guys can just add it to your current database, this should mean that the Kits, Minifaces etc will or should remain. This was done for a few Seperated Female patches, that featured the female German, English, Swedish, France and American leagues, along with 16 NT's.

As a last, i will also do the Belgian Red Flames with every Female player that is currently in it, but also with everyone who has made an appearance, which are quite a few. Hannah Eurlings, Amber Tysiak, Jarne Teulings to name a few, all made their debut for the Red Flames, and now since the Red Flames are missing 6 players as well, they have to be replaced for the time being, meaning there are a few others from the U23 being called upon.

As a extra, the females who did play at least once for the Red Flames in the past 2 years, and still play, will be part of it, Currently, that are Tine Schryvers and Alexandra "Zandy" Soree. (Aline Zeler & Heleen jaques as mentioned earlier stops, so these two won't be in it anymore)



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Season 21/22 Updates
Hello everyone.

As you all remember, i updated and shown most of the belgian Female clubs previous season, but i felt that it was still a little too early to bring it out for the public just yet as the female competition was in its first officially sponsored year of attracting attention and bringing it to the television screens.

Also most teams were still missing minifaces, one club more then the other, and i think it was safe to say to wait it out until next season, that being said, the 21/22 one and see what will happen moving forwards.

Obviously, the news that i previously mentioned of players leaving/stopping did happen, but even more interesting things happened with perhaps at least 1 player finally lifting off her career and realizing that it was time to search for a new experience.

So, this season looks to be an exciting one, as in the first year, only 1 match each 2 weeks was broadcasted live on eleven sports, this season due to the success and interest, it is now 1 match per week that will be broadcasted live on eleven sports.

A lot of clubs have seen changes, with most of them having at least 3 changes, either players moving clubs, leaving them for another competition or players stopping their carreer.

In terms of documentation, now ALL club players have a new and fresh miniface, including the ones that were missing one previous season. The only exception is with SV Zulte Waregem where only 1 has no miniface, and RSC Anderlecht where one still have a miniface from previous season.

As for new kits, every club has a new kit, but like previous year, all clubs who do have a male team in the competition as well have the home/away/third kit as the male teams (or at least, it seems to be the fashion choice that the females use the 20/21 kits of the males for the 21/22 season), with only a sponsor change on the kits where needed. (meaning that my favorite team KAA Gent ladies play in orange as their away kit, which is yuck... horrible kit in my eyes)

Here is an example of Tessa Wullaerts photo from previous year and the new one.

20/21 season:

21/22 season:

Also, very different, as the previous one was taken outside by how the lightning looks, where as the new one is done much more professionally with even lightning. (may cause less issues in CM and Fifa as i did notice that CM and Fifa had some trouble correctly displaying the uneven lightning in game on their minifaces)

Two players from Club YLA made a change as well.

20/21 season Charlotte Laridon:
(Playing for Club YLA)

21/22 Season Charlotte Laridon:
642_Charlotte _Laridon2.png
(Playing for SV Zulte-Waregem)

(means her stats in-game will take a slight hit, as SV Zulte Waregem is technically not as good as Club YLA, despite that both those clubs this season so far are level with one another in the rankings, it will all depend if that remains as such in the long run. Either way, it's a step backwards for her)

21/22 Raquel Viaene:
636_Raquel _Viaene2.png
(made the Switch from Club YLA to KAA Gent)

(for her, no change in stats as the KAA Gent ladies is neither a step backwards or forwards, and both Club YLA and KAA Gent Ladies showed they are relatively on par.)

as for the rest, like i said, there are a few changes and new additions to each club, but the two most important ones that have to be mentioned are Tine De Caigny and Kassandra Missipo (Still unknown thus far, but she's not present in the RSC Anderlecht line-up this year, but i also know she got injured, so that may be why)

Tine De Caigny made the long awaited international jump and realized there's nothing much more she could learn playing for RSC Anderlecht (especially now since she played for over 5 seasons in RSC Anderlecht). Fans of 1899 Hoffenheim can now add her to the roster as that is the club she went to. I wish her good luck in the women's Bundesliga, but it was a highly needed move. (and ironically, in career mode, i also did let her go on loan at first during my testing phase of the settings)

Tine De Caigny in 1899 Hoffenheim Shirt (suitable for Miniface):

With that being said, RSC Anderlecht has a different squad on the pitch now, and Tessa Wullaert especially is missing two important links on the midfield and striker side, but Tessa being Tessa however, she still performs very well and remains one of the best talented belgian female players. If they can grab a 5th title in a row with this new squad however, remains to be seen as OHL this season once again is proving to be on par with RSC Anderlecht and now could be said is the second best female club without a player like Tessa Wullaert even though that Tessa herself made the difference in the previous match for the title between OHL and RSC Anderlecht.

I feel that the 21/22 season is the one to focus on and bring into this patch as the teams have balanced out and made the neccesary changes, clubs that previous season had very little players are evened out and now have a few more options, so this are the squads i'll be bringing in along with the complete package i've said i would release as well for all that are interested.

Also as previously said, i'm not a kit creator, so i cannot make the exact kits, meaning i will replace 2 female clubs with their male counterpart until i can find a person who is willing assist with the kits, or until this patch gets it's 4.0 patch (which also will depend if they are doing the 21/22 updates.)

Either way, a exciting belgian female season is in the making and now it's the best time to finally include them.

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Small Update:

I found a Tool that can serve as a temporary Placeholder for the kits. However, this is not a release, and just a simple showcase of the 21/22 designs so far that i might look into to bring along with the complete package until Fifa 22 comes around/update for this patch.

I might also still hold off releasing/doing the new rosters as not all clubs have shown all their kits, so my previous post is therefore deleted.

This post will be updated as the Placeholder designs (those that are possible) are made and posted.

If however people know of a tool/way to convert Fifa 21 kits to Fifa 16 ones, you can contact, as these are Fifa 21 kits texture wise and while they do work with fifa 16 as a 1024 x 1024 texture, mainly the sleeve cuffs are off, lettering on the back is off, and due to the socks being seperated texture wise, there are no sock textures when using those in fifa 16 & CM.

Updated! KAA Gent Finished Concepts:


From Left to Right: Home, Away, Third, Goalkeeper (Short Sleeves), Goalkeeper (Long Sleeves)

(Away and Third Kit are Just an idea based off the male versions, the KAA Gent ladies have yet to play in an official away kit, or showcase one, GK is not an exact Replica, but the design is in that area)

So... Surprise. I first thought that the kits i made were only going to be useable in the the newer fifa games since it looks off when previewing the texture in CM 16, but surprise...


When Checking in-game, they work like a charm, this is not with my latest iteration of the KAA Gent Jerseys though. The only catch... since they are originally for fifa 21, the shorts and socks are seperated, meaning the only real thing that would not be correct are the socks. which is something i'll look into.

But... This is great, even amazing news that they do work.

Near 100% Replica of the real shirt used. Removed the Away shirt as they have yet to play in it, and the white shirt looks like it is a Trainings shirt.

KRC Genk Ladies Home (Placeholder):


Collar is still wrong, and the checkered pattern in theory is slightly different, The entire shirt is more of a concept however.

RSC Anderlecht Women:


Take note: When they play in home Kits, the name is their first name on the kit.
Take note: When they play in away Kits, the name is their surname on the kit.

(On away, the Badge/Crest is wrong, but currently i cannot find an exact copy of that)

The Others will follow up.

Remeber that these are just rough examples, and nowhere near release worthy yet, and they all are experimental.

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Very short update from germany, previous season borussia dortmund was planning for a female team, and this season they did get their first selection together. Too early though to say if they belong alongside wolfsburg and bayern.

Here is the line-up, but miniface wise may be more difficult.


Quick note: They decided to start in the second division of the Frauen Bundesliga, very likely to take their time and develop.
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Hi guys,

I have created an account just for this topic. I love this project, it's really amazing!

I want to purchase FIFA 16 just because this mod. However I'm struggling a lot to find any way to get the game for PC. EA is not selling it anymore, it is completely removed from Origin. There's no way to purchase legally the game and even if you would want to go with piracy now it's impossible to do the workarounds with the demo that worked back in the day.

So I'm stuck.

Is there any way I could convert this mod to any other game that is actually available for purchasing?
Maybe FIFA 16 for PS3?
Or FIFA17 for PC?

Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks a lot!